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Shifting perspective; or An incomplete, unordered list of simple pleasures

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○ Cuddling with a cat.

○ Going to the pictures.

○ Losing hours in a bookshop.

○ Creative flows.

○ Spinning records.

○ Getting rid of things, ending things, letting go, and moving on.

○ Un-birthday tea parties.

○ Bubble baths.

○ Long strolls in the rain.

○ Night sky viewing.

○ Finding enlightenment.

○ Playing card and board games.

○ New stationery.

○ Watching my favourite old films.

○ Sparkly, gorgeous snow.

○ Keeping a clean and tidy home.

○ Solving all kinds of puzzles.

○ Being barefoot.

○ Vintage clothes and second-hand books.

○ Good wine.

○ Having whole wheat soya milk pancakes with lemon and agave for breakfast.

○ Writing lists.

○ A pure fruit smoothie on a hot day.

○ Learning a new skill.

○ The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.

○ Writing letters.

○ Organising my belongings, papers, words, and thoughts.

○ Having a nice cup of green tea in a proper teacup.

○ Dancing myself silly.

○ Watching British comedy.

○ A good book.

○ Berries, nuts, and seeds.

○ Creating something with my hands.

○ Italian bread.

○ The sound and smell of rain.

○ Biscuits and cakes.

○ Cooking food from scratch.

○ Listening to old ghost stories.

○ Dressing up.

○ Dark chocolate.

○ Museums and art exhibitions.

○ Homemade crumble with custard.

○ A nice, big cup of hot soya chocolate on a cold day.

○ Holding hands.

○ Long conversations with dear friends.

○ Good cheese.

○ The sound of a cat purring.

○ Soap bubbles.

○ The smell of books.

○ Burnt whole wheat toast.

○ Thunderstorms.

○ Salt and vinegar crisps.

○ Reading rooms.

○ Stand-up shows and music gigs.

○ Growing plants, vegetables, and herbs.

○ Art and craft supplies.

○ French pastries.

○ Learning languages.


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