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Life is not a dress rehearsal

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Yesterday we took off for a well needed holiday to the West Country. Oh yes. We’re in the countryside for a week. It’s absolutely gorgeous here and it’s lovely having a break from all the stress of big city life. It’s so quiet and calm and it takes a bit of getting used to.

I got that horrific impatient summer feeling at the moment. I want to do everything, go everywhere, see everyone at once.  I have so many plans, projects and ideas. There’s so much fun to be had, so many memories to create and so much to learn. I’m currently writing a long list of all the things I want to do this summer and autumn.

After a bit of pondering I’ve decided to grow my hair out. I’m keeping my fringe as is though. I miss the benefits of long hair. Being able to curl, pin, decorate with flowers, do odango etc. And I’m so in love with the colour of my hair that I just want more of it. Ginger is gorgeous. Besides, when it’s longer I can still pin it up to do my beloved mod bob.

My colour obsessions have been cream, nougat and dark brown for quite some time now but suddenly I found myself increasingly attracted to summer colours such as yellow, blue, pink and green. I want to wear floral tea dresses and sundresses all the time. I need to get some new thin cardigans as well.Reading Fanny Hill and Brave New World in the sun. This cat print dress is definitely one of my all-time favourite summer dresses. Also, Tardis blue nails!The gorgeous garden and valley.Fairly laid back chap.According to this article in the New Scientist; It is almost as if I am two people.

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