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Telly shows I’m watching

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Master of Suspense presents mystery and suspense short stories in this anthology series. I adore his dark sense of humour. I adore him.

Tales of the Unexpected
The black comedy and suspense short stories in this anthology series all have an unexpected twist ending. The early episodes are based on short stories by, as well as presented by, Roald Dahl. Yet another man I adore for his dark sense of humour.

Midsomer Murders
DCI Tom Barnaby and later on his cousin DCI John Barnaby investigates murders in the villages of Midsomer. Quite possibly my all-time favourite detective drama. There’s something utterly cosy and comforting about it.

The Addams Family
Quirky black comedy show from the 60s based on Charles Addams’ macabre cartoons. Gomez and Morticia’s love for each other is incomparable. They have the perfect marriage.

A science fiction spin-off of ‘Doctor Who’ (it’s an anagram) about a secret organisation that exists mainly to protect Earth from extraterrestrial threats. I can’t help but to like it even though I feel nothing for or even dislike most of the characters. I love Captain Jack Harkness though. It’s fairly light-hearted, silly entertainment.

The gloriously funny Hugh Laurie makes this medical drama a seriously addictive delight. Dr. Gregory House is such a bitter yet lovable character. I adore his sarcasm and all the references to Sherlock Holmes in the show.

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