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Today a friend and I went to the Serpentine Gallery to have a look at Yoko Ono’s exhibition To The Light. My favourite bit was navigating through a transparent perspex maze titled ‘Amaze’. The all-white oversized chessboard outside titled ‘Play it by Trust’ was another highlight. I really like Yoko Ono’s experimental and playful style.

We walked through Hyde Park in the humidity and sat down by the water for a cuppa. We talked about literature and decided that we should get some books. I ended up only getting one though, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I haven’t read it in years! My friend insisted so strongly that I read JPod by Douglas Coupland that he got it and lent it to me straight away. I love his books and I look forward to reading it. So that adds 2 more titles to my summer reading list. We also decided to do a book swap. We always recommend each other films and now we do books too.

We then went to Yumchaa for another cuppa. Sadly, they were out of Japanese Cherry Garden which is my favourite of their teas. It’s sencha with cherry oil. Instead I tried Regents Park: Chinese green tea with papaya pieces, pineapple pieces, strawberries, raspberries, and rose petals. It was gorgeous. I will definitely get a bag of it, along with my favourite, next time I’m in there.

I got up early this morning and ordered 2 crochet pattern books. They can’t possibly arrive quick enough. My fingers are itching to get stitching. I also started reading The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto as I figured that I couldn’t very well read Christopher Hitchens on the train. Alright, I could but I didn’t fancy getting into a fiery discussion on religion with a stranger.

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