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1. I’m lusting after patterns and bright colours. Happy garments! The most recent additions to my wardrobe are: a pair of high waisted floral shorts, a cropped fine knitted vest, a neapolitan chevron and striped dress, a yellow floral dress, an aqua and indigo chevron dress, and a green Peter Pan collar dress.

2. The reason why I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for clothes lately is that I needed to build up my basic wardrobe. I don’t own a lot of clothes (nor do I have a desire to) and I want to absolutely adore every piece I own. I feel fairly content with my wardrobe now so I have decided to not buy any clothes during August. I should be alright as long as I avoid clothing shops, online clothing shops, and style blogs.

3. In 2 months time my mum and my best friend will be here. It will by then be 15 months since I last saw them. I’m so excited! It’s going to be amazing seeing them again and being able to show them around the glorious town that is my home as well as having them meet my friends. I’m also planning a little creative project that we can do together over a cuppa.

4. I need a cat.

5. My former boss emailed me to let me know that my former host family had popped by the shop asking for me. I really need to give them a ring and arrange to see them soon. I miss them!

6. I ordered some carbonised bamboo crochet hooks a while back and I love them. They’re so comfortable to crochet with. I’m looking forward to August. It shall be a month of focusing on creating things; it shall be one productive month. I have so many creative project ideas and I can’t wait to get started on them.

7. I’ve been watching old Roman Polanski and David Lynch films. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me got me really psyched for the Twin Peaks marathon I’m planning for October. Coffee, donuts, and pie will be served. I also watched Lars von Trier’s Melancholia last week.

8. I started reading JPod by Douglas Coupland the other day as per request of a friend. I have basically finished it already. I love how Douglas makes the abnormal seem completely normal.

9. We have an unofficial book swap in our house. People leave books on top of the letterboxes for others to adopt. I left 7 of mine there the other day and I watched them disappear one by one throughout the day. I’m so pleased that they have found new loving homes.

10. My hair is that awkward length now where I wake up with an unintentional 60s flip and it annoys me so much that I end up contemplating to cut it all off. Yeah, that length. I’m set to endure it though, I just need to get used to wearing my hair up and curling it again.

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