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30 before 30


Update: Since there’s now less than a year left before I’m 30, I rewrote the list and excluded the things I won’t be able to accomplish within that time frame.

1. Move back to North London.

2. See The Mousetrap in the West End.

3. Attend a demonstration of the Japanese tea ceremony.

4. Watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films.

5. Meet a few of my heroes.

6. Start eating more whole foods again.

7. Do what I love.

8. Have my handmade things sold in independent shops.

9. Get a feature or an article published in a magazine.

10. Buy a domain name.

11. Start an emergency fund.

12. Attend a screening of The Birds.

13. Join a tea and craft group.

14. Buy a DSLR camera.

15. Start selling my handmade things again.

16. Go on a weekend getaway.

17. Start practising mindfulness and doing yoga.

18. Join a book club.

19. Go on a holiday on my own.

20. Have an eye test and get a pair of glasses.

21. Escape nicotine addiction.

22. Have business cards printed.

23. Start crocheting a blanket.

24. Do a creative project collaboration.

25. Pick up learning Japanese again.

26. Sort out a proper creative workspace.

27. Significantly improve my drawing skills and my handwriting.

28. Visit Brighton.

29. See Conor Oberst live again.

30. Start working on mastering the art of French baking.

4 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. I love this idea! Absolutely love it! I have seen other birthdays lists, before 25 and such, but I like your 30 before 30 idea even more! I might follow your example (once I turn 25 though, it feels like 25 will be a little milestone already)

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