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bunny lake is missingBunny Lake is Missing
British psychological thriller (1965)

An American single mum has just moved to London, where her brother lives. She arrives at her daughter’s new school to pick her up after her first day, but no one seems to have any recollection of ever having seen her 4-year-old daughter. Is Bunny real or a figment of the mum’s imagination? Keir Dullea is amazing as her supportive brother. This film is completely compelling throughout.8 femmes8 Femmes (8 Women)
French-Italian dark comedy musical murder mystery (2002)

This all-female cast gem is set in the 50s and the plot is simple. Eight women gather for Christmas in their secluded family mansion, but when the master of the house turns up dead they realise that the killer must be one of them. They also realise that they have been snowed in and soon secrets start getting exposed. Catherine Deneuve is fabulous as always. Vibrant, gorgeous and darkly funny, yet light-hearted.the bed sitting roomThe Bed Sitting Room
British comedy (1969)

Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Marty Feldman and Spike Milligan star in this post-apocalyptic satire. Set in London on the third or fourth anniversary of a nuclear war which lasted exactly 2 minutes and 28 seconds (including signing the peace treaty). The survivors live in the debris and suffer strange mutations such as being turned into furniture. Absurd and hilarious.harveyHarvey
American comedy drama (1950)

Elwood P. Dowd is a middle-aged, pleasant man who happens to have a 6′ 3.5″ tall bunny as his invisible best friend. Elwood’s sister, whom he lives with, finally decides to commit him to a mental institution and from there a comedy of errors ensues. James Stewart is very funny and so believable that the viewer forgets that his best friend is invisible. This is a heart-warming, happy film.the collectorThe Collector
British-American psychological thriller (1965)

A butterfly collector kidnaps a woman and keeps her in the cellar of his newly acquired country estate. He doesn’t want to hurt her but hopes that she will with time fall in love with him. Those are the two characters in this film and the chemistry between them feels very real. A spellbinding masterpiece that will haunt you long after watching it. I urge you to read the book first though.

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