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Toy camera strap tutorial


My Diana F+ Kirameki was in need of a bit of colour so I made this simple macramé strap for it. It’s an easy little project, although a bit time-consuming. I bought 15 meters of cord of each colour but I barely used half of it.

Colour of choice 2mm thick braided nylon cord

1. Cut a piece of cord that’s about 30 cm longer than you’d like your strap to be. This is the filler cord. Tape one end to the edge of a table and the other end to the edge of a chair. Make sure that the cord is stretched.2. Starting 15 cm from the end, tie double half-hitch knots as above alternating between the colours until the strap is long enough. Pull the knots tight. This is the time-consuming bit! It’s a bit tricky to start but if it looks odd you can always sort it out later on.3. When the strap is long enough, pull the cords from underneath through one of the brackets on your camera.4. Pull the cords tight and twist them around the strap once.5. Twist the cords around the strap once more but this time pull them upwards through the loop you’ve just made.6. Pull tight and make sure that the knot ends up on the side facing you. This is a bit fiddly.7. Trim the excess cord leaving about 1 cm. Hold the lighter to the inside of the little ends for a second or two and quickly press them to the strap. Be careful not to burn yourself, your camera or set the strap on fire! Alternatively you can use a bit of strong glue to secure the ends. Repeat step 3 to 7 to attach the other end of the strap.Done.

3 thoughts on “Toy camera strap tutorial

  1. This is so cute & creative. Great job!

  2. That camera is straight out of my dreams, so beautiful. I’ve never seen one before and now I will never forget. Thank you.

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