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Oversized crochet scallop stitch purse tutorial


Colours of choice Sugar’n Cream yarn (I used sunshine, hot orange, hot pink, and Robin’s egg)
5mm crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Oversized purse frame (I removed the loops)
Gutermann textile glue
Measuring tape
Vintage fabric
Sewing needle

1. For this bag I used this solid scallop stitch. Chain 120 sts + 2 and crochet as many rows as you like. I did 20 rows. When you get to the end of your last row don’t fasten off, but fold your work in two with the right side facing in. Slip stitch the bottom of your bag together. Now fasten off.
2. Weave in the ends and slip stitch the sides together. I slip stitched each row with its respective colour, because I have OCD. You don’t have to do that though! Turn the bag inside out.

3. I completely forgot to take photos of how I lined the bag but it’s really easy. Measure the bag’s width and height. Fold your fabric in two, right side facing in, and cut a piece of fabric that’s the same size as your bag plus a small seam allowance. The fold will be the bottom of your lining. Pin the sides together and sew along the edges using a straight stitch. Either iron a neat edge for the top or sew one using a straight stitch. Insert lining into your bag, wrong sides together. Pin the top seams together. To attach the lining, sew around the opening of the bag by hand using a whip stitch.4. Now for the amazing glue. Be careful not to get any glue on bits of the bag that aren’t going to be inserted into the frame. But don’t worry if you get some on the outside of the frame, you can easily scrape it off with your nails once dried. It’s easiest to attach one side of the frame to the bag at a time. Apply a generous amount of glue to the top edge of one side of the bag.5. Apply a generous amount of glue inside the channel of one side of the purse frame. Let the glue set for 5 minutes.6. Insert the sides of your bag into the frame and work your way to the middle. This is a bit fiddly.7. Poke the bag evenly into the frame using a small pair of scissors, both from the outside and inside of the bag. Be careful not to damage the yarn or the fabric.8. Let dry for 15 minutes before repeating step 4 to 7 to attach the other side of the frame.Done.

16 thoughts on “Oversized crochet scallop stitch purse tutorial

  1. super cute! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Very pretty. Your crochet work is also really well done.

  3. I absolutely love this! The colours are stunning and it is big enough to fit all of my stuff in…excellent! I can’t wait to get started on this one!

  4. The colours and stitches are lovely! And the lining is just right too =D

  5. Reblogged this on Fresh Knack and commented:
    Found this wonderful tutorial…..this is on my project list!

  6. That’s so cute! I am definitely putting this on my to-do list! Thank you!

  7. They are gorgeous. Definitely add on my list of crochet. Will update in my IG – bry1988. :)

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  9. I luv your purse and I thought I would share an idea. Maybe it would be better to use a letter-opener to push the material into the purse frame. That would eliminate any sharp cutting damage to materials. Note: Be careful anyway you do this :)

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