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Currently creating (still): Crochet vintage fan ripple blanket


I’m slowly making progress on my crochet vintage fan ripple blanket. It just about fits on top of my sewing table when folded in half. I have no idea how to take photos of it when it gets even bigger though. I’m still enjoying making it but I keep getting sidetracked by other creative projects at the moment.

The finished blanket is available in my Etsy shop here.

Update: Comments on this post are now closed. If you’re having difficulties making this blanket please refer to the owner of the pattern here. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Currently creating (still): Crochet vintage fan ripple blanket

  1. Oh wow, this looks lovely…don’t give up on it! It will look stunning when it is done!

  2. The color combination is wonderful!

  3. this is absolutely beautiful! i just found your blog and i’m so excited to be following along now!

  4. It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

  5. Do you know of any soft reasonably priced yarn that is sold at Walmart or on Amazon? I wanna make this blanket but Don’t wanna spend a ton of money. Thanks:)

  6. Lovely colours; I’m about to embark on this pattern. Am curious of wool you’re using, is it cotton?