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9 reasons I’m excited about being alive


scallop pocket skirt1. I will have a few days of alone-time next week and I don’t think there’s anything in the world I need more at the moment. I’m going to spend those blissful days creating, watching musicals and having a big salad for tea every evening.

2. My mum and my best friend are arriving in 6 days. This time they’re staying for 5 days. I have so many fun activities planned for us. I can’t wait!

3. Today was spent sketching designs for upcoming sewing projects. I couldn’t sleep last night as I kept designing things in my head. This is my favourite state to be in, positively bubbling over with ideas of things that I want to make.

4. I’m overjoyed to say that I’m working on a whole bunch of creative projects work-wise at the moment. One of them is for a magazine. Unfortunately I’m not able to reveal any further details just yet.

5. I live in the city that owns my heart and it’s finally starting to come alive again after what felt like a never-ending winter. London is absolute heaven during the summer months. Oh the art, cinema, live music, comedy gigs, food and tea that will be had this summer!

6. Ladies, I’ve found the perfect floral retro bikini. Indeed, this is a legit reason to be excited about being alive.

7. I’ve already started planning my Birthday even though there’s still another good 3 months left. My Birthdays the last few years have been pretty rubbish so this year I’m going to properly treat myself.

8. My whole life I have admired Stig Lindberg’s Berså ceramics. That’s not even an exaggeration. Growing up in Sweden, it’s everywhere. I decided to treat myself to some as a mark for a personal victory. The other day I won a vintage teacup with saucer and a side plate on a Swedish auction site. I’m having them delivered to my mum’s and she’s bringing them with her on Wednesday.

9. I’m moving in 3 months. Which means that I need to start looking for a new flat in a bit. Fingers crossed I will head back to North London!

4 thoughts on “9 reasons I’m excited about being alive

  1. These reasons sound pretty great to me! I will be needing to see a picture of this ideal floral bikini, though… because I’ll probably want one, too!

  2. These are some pretty good reasons to be excited about being alive! Finding a good retro bikini is always a cause for celebration. Also, being full of ideas is so exciting! I just found your blog, and i’ll be following along, i love your DIYs :) xx

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