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Currently creating: Felt crafts


alice apple felt ornamentI might have become slightly obsessed. There’s just something about how easy and quick it is to work with felt and Bondaweb. Not to mention the fact that felt feels very retro! I made this Alice Apple felt wall hanging from Kitschy Digitals a couple of weeks ago and it’s now hanging above my sewing table. You can buy the printable and citrus coastersI also made these fruit coasters from The Purl Bee recently. I love browsing their projects. I chose to use Bondaweb as opposed to stitching them together and I modified them slightly. You can find the citrus coasters here and the apple coasters here.

This was just a quick post since my mind is pretty occupied with excitement at the moment. It just so happens that my mum and my best friend are arriving from Sweden tomorrow. They’re staying for 5 days and this means that I will be a bit absent on the blog until Monday night. I have scheduled posts for you though! And you can always check what we’re up to on my Instagram.

6 thoughts on “Currently creating: Felt crafts

  1. Very cute! I’ve been wanting to make those fruit coasters for a while now.

  2. Very nice! The hanger looks professionally made, it’s so neat. These are great inspirations, thank you! I also wanted to thank you for your last comment, sorry it took me so long to reply. I’m really glad you liked my post.

  3. These are darling! Now I want to make a few watermelon fruit coasters for the 4th…

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