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Lately, according to my phone


instagram 11Pre-assembled no-bake dark chocolate cheesecake.
A box of happy arrived in the post.instagram 12A quick, very late lunch break on a day spent sewing.
A Saturday spent trying Live XXL Ultra Brights, writing and buying vintage dresses on Etsy.
instagram 13 Made ratatouille while spinning David Bowie records on a Sunday.
Yofu with apple cinnamon granola, banana and blueberries for breakfast.
instagram 14Alone-time.
Woke up with perfect hair on Midsummer thanks to my new hair straighteners.instagram 15Got a gorgeous 60s vintage dress in the post.
Avocado and lettuce with lemon, pepper, sea salt, chilli flakes and fresh thyme on rye bread.
instagram 16Rosemary & sea salt focaccia with lettuce, mayo, Dijon, fresh basil, parmesan and steak for tea.
Playtime in the park. B.a.i.t. Footwear sandals, Modcloth dress and bag made by me.

5 thoughts on “Lately, according to my phone

  1. I’m so jelly of all the wonderful retro fabrics you have!

  2. What lovely colourful pics – everything looks delicious – food and fabric alike :)

  3. I just love the lately according to your phone posts! You look wonderfully sparkling and witty in that picture :)

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