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50 things to do when you need cheering up


Camera 3601. Make a floral crown.

2. Cuddle with a cat.

3. Talk to a loved one who you haven’t spoken to in a while.

4. Read a good book in the park on a sunny day or in bed on an overcast day.

5. Take a flask of tea and a camera for a long stroll.

6. Bake something yummy while spinning records.

7. Put on your prettiest frock and blow soap bubbles.

8. Go vintage shopping.

9. Express yourself in an art journal.

10. Have a good laugh. Watch a comedy or read a funny book.

11. Write a list of things you want to change in your life and start taking small steps to do so.

12. Cut your hair in a different style or dye it in a different colour.

13. Drink jasmine tea or cherry blossom tea.

14. Lose a few hours in a second-hand bookshop.

15. Go to the pictures with a loved one or on your own.

16. Learn a new skill like origami, knitting or a language.brighton pier17. Take a day trip to the seaside.

18. Help someone out. Volunteer. Do a random act of kindness.

19. De-clutter your house. Sort through your wardrobe. Donate books you will never read again.

20. Take a long bubble bath.

21. Have a big cup of hot chocolate.

22. Create colourful street art.

23. Watch a couple of brilliant films like the best feel-good film in the world, Amélie.

24. Host a board game night or a wine and cheese evening.

25. Spend the afternoon in an art gallery.

26. Buy a kazoo.

27. Do something you’ve never done before. Better yet, spend a whole afternoon doing things you haven’t done before.

28. Plant some vegetables or herbs and watch them grow.

29. Make a pure fruit smoothie.

30. Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show and do the Time Warp.

31. Go record hunting.

32. Write a thank you note to someone.

33. Dress up and go to the theatre.handmade skirt34. Make something with your hands.

35. Go trampolining. Trust me.

36. Write a personal mission statement.

37. Have a picnic. Bring quiche, salad, bread, fruit, dessert and lemonade.

38. Create flows. Focus hard on one thing and fully emerge yourself in it.

39. Host an un-birthday tea party, a themed dinner party or a brunch.

40. Go art and craft supply shopping.

41. Treat yourself at a pâtisserie or buy a box of expensive chocolates at a chocolatier.

42. Spend an afternoon in good company in the park.

43. Take a creative course or join a craft group.

44. De-clutter your mind. Let go of the past and move on.

45. Make pancakes for breakfast.

46. Take silly photos with a friend in a photo booth. Extra points if you wear silly hats or glasses.

47. Start working on that creative project you just can’t seem to get round to.

48. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

49. Leave inspirational scribblings for strangers. Leave books in random places for people to pick up.

50. Have a photo book made out of your favourite photos.

5 thoughts on “50 things to do when you need cheering up

  1. Utterly fabulous ideas – a post to come back to time and time again

  2. Hurrah for the seaside! And bubble baths. I like swimming too. A watery theme is evolving…

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