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Currently creating: Alice Apple purse and a floral crown


alice apple purse What a joy to do crafts in the park! A couple of months ago I bought a fabric remnant pack from Alice Apple on Etsy. I adore her designs. They’re so happy and bright. I made this purse about a week ago and it now holds bits and bobs in my bag. It’s lined with pale blue cotton fabric. I have to say that I quite enjoyed working with a sew-in purse frame for the first time.Camera 360The other day I made this oversized floral crown. My inspiration was, of course, Frida Kahlo. I attached hydrangea and ranunculus silk flowers to a headband using floral wire. Originally I was planning on using yellow and pink peonies as well but they turned out to be a bit too oversized.

9 thoughts on “Currently creating: Alice Apple purse and a floral crown

  1. I absolutely LOVE that crown! Frida is a huge inspiration, always.

  2. Thanks for admiring my work. I recently discovered your blog and I L-O-V-E your style! :D x

  3. crafting in the park sounds like a dream! and you made such wonderful things, too. it is ridiculously hot here in tennessee but perhaps when the temperature drops a bit i will find a cozy blanket to sit and stitch some books on!

    • Thanks, lovely! :D We’re in the middle of a heatwave here in London now but I bet it’s even hotter in Tennessee! It was not this hot that day. I’m basically melting away at the moment! x

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