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10 things you might not know about me


crochet razzamatazz cushionI was tagged by the ever so lovely Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant to write this post. Oh my word, I love her and her aesthetics! She’s definitely one of my favourite fellow film aficionados, illustrators, bloggers and cat ladies. If you’re not following her, you’re missing out.

It was surprisingly difficult to come up with things that I haven’t already told you lot. You see, I’m a very honest woman who doesn’t have any scruples telling people (even complete strangers) my whole life story. I thought of including things like I emigrated from Sweden 3 years ago, Chiaki is actually my real name and that I’ve been struggling with depression my whole life, but I realised that if you been following along for a while you probably know that already. Instead I’m sharing a few quirky little facts that I think you don’t know about me.

1. Most of my creative ideas come to me at night. It’s not just that I’m a night owl, I honestly don’t like sleeping. Never have. To me sleep is utterly boring and a complete waste of time. I do have pretty wicked and very lucid dreams though which I like.

2. I only own one pair of trousers because unfortunately I get too hot wearing them, even in winter. I don’t deal well with heat at all. I have to say that I don’t really mind not wearing trousers though because I love dresses and skirts. Oh, and shorts as well.

3. Sugar makes me fall asleep. I didn’t particularly like sweets as a child and I suspect that the reason might have been that it made me horrifically drowsy. I don’t get the sugar high at all. I still don’t eat a lot of sugar and I don’t like things that are too sweet.

4. I’m quite good at reading people. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone just by observing their body language and speech. When I worked in a shop in Notting Hill I would frequently confuse the tourists by understanding them perfectly even though I didn’t speak their language. I love learning new languages by the way.

5. I get bored easily and therefore I always have loads of different projects on the go at the same time. I have to keep trying new things. Creatively I’m all over the shop. It’s almost as if I’m in a competition to learn as many different skills as possible.

6. My favourite person to hang out with is me. I love my own company and I know very well how to entertain myself. Some of the things I enjoy doing on my own include going to the pictures, losing hours in a second-hand books shop and attending art exhibitions.

7. I know what I like and what I don’t like. No one can convince me otherwise. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like trying new things though. It’s just that I’m quite specific with certain things like films and music. For example I know that I don’t like contemporary mainstream Hollywood films so I don’t watch them.

8. I read super quickly and I’m a speedy learner which I’m very thankful for as I love acquiring new knowledge. At school I used to read 2 or 3 books for everyone else’s one book. This might sound a bit odd, but I can’t remember what it was like not being able to read. It’s always been such a big part of my life.

9. I’ve always been very visual. I simply cannot stand ugly aesthetics so I tend to modify everything. Like cutting out floral shapes in cucumber, wrapping Alice Apple paper around storage tins and covering my noticeboard in vintage floral fabric. Pretty things make me happy. I also alter a lot of the clothes I buy because it really bothers me when they don’t fit me properly.

10. I’m genuinely enjoying getting older. Really. I feel more and more sure of myself and comfortable in my own skin the older I get. Take appearance for example, I used to hate what I looked like without make-up but now I couldn’t care less. I’ve embraced everything that is me, flaws included.

I’m tagging Bridgeen, Lisa, Jamie, Zoë, Katie and Natasha if you fancy playing along. Also, I’m tagging you! Yes, you. Be a darling and leave a link in the comments so I can read yours if you do end up writing one.

8 thoughts on “10 things you might not know about me

  1. I haven’t been following you for a long time, I’m definitely learning things here ^_^ I had read Kate Gabrielle’s, it’s funny to see how you very differently approached the same assignment (and I was wondering if you were going to reply to her tag or not). As a sidenote, I have the same problem with sugar, doesn’t stop me from having a terrible sweet tooth though, I wish, haha!

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