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Lately, according to my phone


instagram 24Art journaling and eating peaches on a sweltering day.
Met up with three lovely girls for a Snog. Ended the day by watching one of my all-time favourite films.instagram 25Danced to Velvet Underground in my new skirt.
A spot of sashiko embroidery and late lunch. Loving orange, mango & passion fruit juice at the moment.instagram 26Started a crochet razzamatazz cushion and made boules de neige on a slightly cooler day.
My crochet granny square market bag was packed for a picnic.instagram 27Had this gorgeous crewel wool delivered.
Folded origami cranes while wearing my new Marimekko dress and new sandals from over the pond.instagram 28Decided that it’s finally time for me to open an online shop and start selling my handmade goods again.
Made soba with spring onions, enoki and shimeji for tea.instagram 29Loving this wooden origami boat brooch from Beetle Cherry. It’s gorgeous!
Had plain tops and a gorgeous mint polka dot scarf delivered.instagram 30Sent a crochet garland that I made and the new issue of Simply Crochet which I’m featured in to my mother.
Made a painted wooden bead necklace that coincidently goes with my new dress.

8 thoughts on “Lately, according to my phone

  1. So pretty. Good luck with the shop and congratulations with the feature! :)

  2. Ooh so many pretty things! I love the crochet bag and the journal and the dress in the last image is stunning!

  3. Great news! Your crochet pieces are lovely, I especially love the purses you’ve shown in your posts :) (also, I adore your new profile picture!)

  4. Lovely colors and such a delightful week. Looking forward to following you here and on IG!

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