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Outfit: Suffragette City


♫ David Bowie – Suffragette City ♫  chiaki creates outfit suffragette citychiaki creates outfit suffragette city 2chiaki creates outfit suffragette city 3Dress // vintage
Necklace // made by me

Yesterday I wore makeup for the first time since September last year. It felt really strange wearing it after such a long time and I kept scratching my eyes smudging my eyeliner.

Let’s talk about this dress. I bought it from an Etsy shop a while back and it was originally a couple of sizes bigger. I had to take it in quite a bit and I also took it up about ten centimetres. It’s so comfy! It feels like wearing a silk night slip all day. This might very well be the prettiest sixties dress ever.

Today I’m making a vintage apple fabric bag. Hopefully there will be some time left over for me to make some more necklaces. I also need to book cinema tickets for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Steve Coogan is a comedy genius. I love him. I can remember crying with laughter watching Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge when I was 10. I guess that if you’re a bit younger than me you might not have seen that much of Partridge. If not, you should definitely check him out.

15 thoughts on “Outfit: Suffragette City

  1. The dress is so cute! love the colors. The necklace really sets it off. love Carol

  2. Wow, I am infatuated with your gorgeous face and flawless head of hair, lady! lol /creep but seriously, the dress is beautiful, but you totally outshine it! So envious of your bangs! <3

  3. You look amazing and that fabric is stunning – I would like it as a blog banner! :)

    • Thank you so much, lovely! That thought has crossed my mind as well. ;) My current header is letters cut out from a photo of a sixties scarf which is lovely but I might change it up a bit. xx

  4. super cute! Love the necklace too x (I’m also a HUGE Coogan fan, I watch my “I’m Alan Partridge” DVDs on a regular basis…every line still makes me laugh…)

    • Thank you so much, Alice! Yay you’re a fellow Coogan fan! He is funny isn’t he. I need to re-watch ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ now. :) Congratulations on your feature in Print + Pattern Kids by the way. Well deserved! xx

  5. Gorgeous dress! This is such a good find. I ALWAYS smudge my eyeliner when i wear makeup, haha xx

  6. What a fabulous dress! The necklace goes perfectly, too. And I love your hair – I’ve wanted a fringe forever – but my hair just wouldn’t behave ;)

    • Thank you so much, lovely! I can remember that it took a while for my hair to get used to having a fringe actually. ;) I’ve had it for so many years now that I would feel really quite odd without it! xx

  7. I LOVE your style! It’s fabulous. The colours in this dress are lovely. And I really love the necklaces you make. Also your hair is amazing! :)

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