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Outfit: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide


♫ David Bowie – Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide ♫   chiaki creates outfit rock 'n' roll suicidechiaki creates outfit rock 'n' roll suicide 2chiaki creates outfit rock 'n' roll suicide 3Dress // Marimekko for H&M
Necklace, bangles and headband // made by me
David Bowie brooch // andsmile on Etsy

Like every other Scandinavian I adore Marimekko. This bright, happy dress is so comfy that I could honestly wear it every single day. It has pockets and I love how confident it makes me feel.

The amazing brooch is handmade by my lovely friend Viktorija who I met up with today for lunch and a bit of shopping. I bought many apple adorned homeware products at Tiger and we ate pancakes at My Old Dutch. My first time in a pancake house!

When I got back home a new Nine Inch Nails song from their new album, which will be released on my Birthday, was available for free download. Speaking of perfect Birthday presents, I get to see The Mousetrap in the West End on my Birthday. I love Agatha Christie so much. There’s a Japanese film on Mubi today and also an episode of Southcliffe to catch up on. I’m having such a nice day.

6 thoughts on “Outfit: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

  1. Super cute! I love Marimekko, too!

  2. The Marimekko dress is gorgeous on you. It sounds like you had an amazing day! ;)

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