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IKEA wish list


chiaki creates IKEA wish listStockholm bedside table
Stockholm three-seat sofa
Skojig work lamp
Skojig pendant lamp
Tudi table runner
Docksta table
Stockholm swivel easy chair

I’m in full-on moving mode at the moment. There’s one more week of packing boxes, cleaning and buying furniture before I’m finally moving. While ordering from IKEA earlier today I realised that they currently have a lot of pretty things so I put together this little vibrant wish list. As you can see I have a soft spot for round, smooth shapes and mixing different textures such as velvet, glossy paint and plastic.

12 thoughts on “IKEA wish list

  1. i am loving that rug and table! wish we could have our own furniture here, i hate the sofas :(

    • Oh, I wish it was a rug! It’s actually a table runner. :) The table has been on my wish list for YEARS. It’s a surprisingly good-looking knock-off. I know what you mean! My man and I are finally moving into an unfurnished flat after having to deal with the poor taste of landlords and estate agents for far too long.

  2. Great choices! I’m going to check if that table runner is available in Canada — it would work with my IKEA living room too.

  3. That sofa! I love it! Good luck with the big move x

  4. The sofa is gorgeous, if I had a house of my own to put it in, I would love to have it! I love the colour palette you have going on, it’s so happy and vibrant :) Good look moving, it sounds very exciting! xx

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