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Autumn to-do list


○ Make apple cinnamon crumble with custard.

○ Read loads of books.

○ Embroider.

○ Work on my crochet blanket and finish my crochet cushion.

○ Try new soup recipes.

○ Join the local library.

○ Get a new pyjamas.

○ Light loads of tea lights.

○ Stock up on thick socks, jumpers and cardigans.

○ Knit.

○ Watch old Hammer horror films and murder mysteries.

○ Go for long strolls.

○ Drink hot chocolate.

○ Visit art exhibitions and museums.

○ Sew.

○ Get a spirograph kit.

○ Play Scrabble and solve crosswords.

○ Write.

○ Listen to ghost stories.chiaki creates dotsToday I’m super busy packing boxes and cleaning. I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’m moving back to North London in the morning. Eeep! I’m so excited! Now I’m supposed to have internet again on Tuesday but you never know with these things, so if there’s a bit of radio silence you know why. I should have my beloved Canon back next week as well so you won’t have to put up with low quality photos much longer.

Have a lovely weekend, my dears!

8 thoughts on “Autumn to-do list

  1. I love your list and made me think I need to make one of my own. Good luck on your move. love Carol

  2. I love your list. You got me to thinking about mine too. I enjoy reading your post. Your crochet afghan is so pretty. Love the colors.

  3. Love the rippled afgan. Could you share your pattern?!

  4. I love all the crafty aims on your list! I definitely have lots of crafty aims on my list too :) Also, going to exhibitions, wearing thick socks and drinking hot chocolate sounds pretty dreamy xx

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