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Making a house a home


The past week has been spent crocheting, unpacking boxes and working on befriending the neighbours’ cats who hang out in the garden. Being an introvert my home is the most important place to me. It has to be my safe haven and so here are my thoughts on making a house a home.

Pick a few colour palettes and stick to them
I love bright colours but I don’t want to go completely crazy with them when it comes to interior design. Choose whatever colours you like but I would advise you to avoid red on big surfaces such as walls. It’s the colour of discord and it makes your heart beat faster.

Decide what eras and styles you want to incorporate
I’m drawn to mid-century modern with an emphasis on the 60s, Scandinavian retro design and the 70s.

Fill your home with handmade things and artwork
Support artists and handmade businesses, and make things yourself. The ceilings in our new flat are really high and it makes the cream coloured walls look even emptier. They make me want to frame more vintage fabric in embroidery hoops and make more garlands.

Mix and match different materials and textures
It’s not exactly a secret that I adore textiles. I’ve always had loads of blankets, throws, cushions, rugs and a bed full of pillows.

Decorate your workspace
If you’re a fellow creative you know how important this is. Plus, a basket of yarn and a tin of knitting needles make a house look lived in.

Assign different purposes to different spaces in your house
The most important purposes for me are writing, creating, dining, relaxing and entertaining. I can’t wait to set up our projector and watch a film on our massive sitting room wall. How’s that for designated space?

Organise all your belongings and keep your home tidy
A place for everything, and everything in its place. This is absolutely essential for my sanity. I also never stop de-cluttering.

Light candles and tea lights to make your house feel cosy in the dark winter months
I’m also a big fan of daylight light bulbs and I really want to get some cotton ball string lights.

Put the nice china and homeware on display and don’t wait until a special occasion to use it
I’m all too guilty of buying pretty things and not using them because I’m worried that they might break.

Fill your shelves with good books that show off your personality
I also like keeping tongue-in-cheek coffee table books that guests can pick up and flick through.

Play music every day
Make record players focal points in your home.

Surround yourself with little mementos
They make us relive happy memories and are therefore beneficial to our well-being. The photos of me and my best friend that were taken in a photo booth in Brighton make me smile every time I look at them.

Stock your kitchen with healthy yummy food
Cooking and baking make a house feel warm and inviting.

8 thoughts on “Making a house a home

  1. Superb tips. Now I want to come and visit your beautiful home! X

  2. Daylight bulbs are a Godsend – we had them installed in our office at work and it’s made such a difference!

  3. I adore that blanket you are making! I am so glad you are settling in. I have no doubt it will be a beautiful, happy home! My home is my world too – and will be even more so now I have left work. I can’t wait to get started on sorting and organising :)

  4. Love the blanket… can you share where the pattern is from??

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