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October goals


○ Open an Etsy shop and start selling my handmade goods again.

○ Work on my new design for Simply Crochet.

○ Go for a walk every day.

○ Visit the 57th BFI London Film Festival with Kat.

○ Work on my crochet granny stripe blanket.

○ Illustrate more.

○ Make an Alice Apple fabric cushion with pom pom trim.

○ See my former host family. (I was an au-pair.)

○ Visit The Knitting and Stitching Show with Bridgeen.

○ Plan a holiday to Sweden to visit my friends and family.

○ Have a horror film marathon on Hallowe’en.

12 thoughts on “October goals

  1. What a fantastic plan! Best of luck ;)
    I am looking forward to see your etsy shop! Can’t wait <3

  2. Lovely. Have a fabulous October!

  3. YAY! Im happy to be a part of this months super exciting list!


  4. There are lots of lovely goals here, but I especially love the idea of going for a walk every day. It soothes the soul! Also, a horror film marathon is so exciting! Scary films are one of the best parts of halloween xx

  5. Etsy’s fun, isn’t it? You have such wonderful goals.

  6. Squee- I spy a bowie bag!
    Like you I’m also planning doing the last one :)
    And I’m looking forwards to no.9!
    And I’d really love to see your Etsy shop – bring it on !

    • Indeed! I got it when I went to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A.
      I LOVE horror film marathons!
      I’m well excited about Saturday. I can’t wait!! :)
      Yay! Now if only I can get the new house sorted with furniture and unpack all the boxes so I can focus on that. ;)

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