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Currently creating: Razzamatazz crochet cushion


The ripple that I’ve been working on turned into this gorgeous surprisingly large cushion. It’s made from a clever little vintage pattern from the late sixties possibly early seventies. I didn’t use a pillow insert like the pattern says but instead stuffed it with fibre filling. I also pulled the cushion in tightly in the middle to give it a bit more shape.Here’s the other side of it.I used a 5mm crochet hook and Sugar’n Cream yarn in Robin’s egg, hot orange, hot blue, mod green, hot pink and sunshine. You can find the pattern for the cushion here.

23 thoughts on “Currently creating: Razzamatazz crochet cushion

  1. Wow, it’s absolutely gorgeous – you must be so pleased with it! I bet many hours went into that – I really, really want to learn to crochet. And now I will have time to do so – hurrah!

  2. That is beautiful! I love the colours you picked for it.

  3. Oh wow! that is absolutely gorgeous! love it! xx

  4. Amazing! Love everything about it… Colours, pattern, vintage vibe… Very pretty!

  5. I made this pillow in the late 60’s. Happy to see this pattern reemerge!

  6. That is sugar sweet lovely! I adore the colours – well done! :)

  7. very nice! I have started 2 different ones,, I just have to get my foam cut into a circle.. I am slow and always starting new projects, ugh me.. your color choices are beautiful

  8. I just ADORE this! xx

  9. wow! that looks amazing! good job :)

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  11. I am currently following the pattern and making this cushion but…. I’m finding the finishing instructions a little vague. Is there perhaps a YouTube video that you could point me to that shows how to turn my crochet into a cushion?

    • Sorry about the late reply. They are indeed a bit vague. You might have figured it out by now but in case you haven’t I’ll try to help. I don’t know if there’s video. When you have stitched your work together so it looks like a tube, starting at one end you pull up a loop of yarn through one point of the ripple and do that to each point so you’re pulling them all in together. This will form the middle of the cushion. You will end up with the points together but it will be open in between them. I thought that it would leave gaps at first but don’t worry, it works. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for your reply. I’m still not quite finished so your instructions do help. I love the look and the colours I’ve chosen but it’s taking soooo long!

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