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Style direction: All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun


Chiaki Creates Style directionTwice a year I sit down with a cup of tea and write a style direction to sum up my personal style. It helps me pinpoint where I want to take my aesthetic next. It also helps me decide which pieces in my closet I need to get rid off and what I need to acquire. Since a lot of you have shown an interest in how I think around style and what inspires me, I thought I’d share my latest style direction with you.Blow-Up and TwiggyInspirations
Being completely obsessed with old films, I knew straight away that I had to name my style direction All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun. It’s a quote by French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard. To me style is a form of narration and I’m telling a story through what I’m wearing. I tend to dress with a song in mind because every story needs a soundtrack. Yes, my style has a soundtrack.

I’m mainly inspired by the swinging 60s, the vibrant 70s and my Scandinavian roots. David Bowie is my inexhaustible source of inspiration – my muse. I’m also hugely influenced by freakbeat, the art of Peter Max and French New Wave films. It goes without saying that I prefer vintage and handmade.David BowieColours
Shades of blue – cornflower, aqua, cyan, robin egg, azure, turquoise; shades of green – spring, mint, kelly, sea foam and of course loads of yellow, bright orange and candy pink. Lately, pastel purple has started to sneak into my colour palette as well. The more different bright colours together, the better!Chiaki Creates InstagramPrints
I simply cannot resist floral, geometric and psychedelic patterns. I also love the simplicity of stripes, polka dots, apple patterns, op art and anything scalloped or Marimekko. It should also be mentioned that I have a weakness for Scandinavian vintage fabrics.Anna KarinaTrademarks
The two most obvious ones are cat eye makeup and a ginger bob with a big long rounded fringe. Sometimes I’ll wear my hair in a half up bouffant because my hair hero is without any doubt Anna Karina.Chiaki Creates WardrobeEssential pieces
Breton tops and high waist short shorts, shift and babydoll dresses, a-line mini dresses and high waist a-line skirts, printed 60s blouses and pleated mini skirts, solid coloured vest tops and Peter Pan collared blouses, sailor coats and 60s coats, cardigans and jumpers.groovy 60s fashion and freakbeat recordEssential accessories
Chunky knitted circle scarves and pom-pom trimmed cotton scarves, crochet bags and printed scarves, vintage fabric bags with circular handles and printed tote bags, floppy hats and berets, floral crowns and plastic bangles, bauble necklaces and handmade brooches, solid coloured tights and knee socks, oversized 60s sunglasses and skinny belts.Essential footwear
Swedish clogs and perforated 70s wedge sandals, dyed 60s style citrus floral flats and silver boots.

How about you? Do you write style directions or keep a mood board to help you visualise your personal style?

11 thoughts on “Style direction: All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun

  1. I love your personal style! You have such a great eye for beautiful fabrics and colour combinations. I love the prints you wear, and your cat eyes :) You definitely have a distinctive sense of style. I’m never really sure what my signature style is, which can be frustrating sometimes because most of the things in my wardrobe don’t go together. I tend to buy things if I like them without thinking about the rest of the things I own. I think it’s a good idea to mood board your style though, and I love the idea of a style soundtrack! xx

    • Aww thank you so much, lovely! You’re too kind! :) I too, often feel like there’s no unity in my style. I also buy things because they’re pretty and then they end up not going with anything else in my wardrobe. That’s precisely why I find writing style directions so helpful. You should give it a go! I’ve always liked doing mood boards for my personal style as well. xx

  2. Fascinating to see how someone with style puts their outfits together. I tend to wear either all black, or black with a flash of something else, so I’ve found this post very inspirational. I don’t think I could commit to an entire style for a season, my attention span is too short, so I have different styles through individual outfits. I suppose I see my clothes more in terms of characters so they each have their own ‘look’.

    • I’m glad you found it inspirational. I wore all black or black with a flash of something else for over a decade! I think I overwore black as I now feel really strange wearing it. I still think it’s gorgeous but I can’t wear it. That’s funny, I feel like my attention span is too short as well. I really like that you see your clothes in terms of characters.

  3. i love this post. i feel like i’m in a style crisis/rut lately! i have never written a style direction before but perhaps that would help me out. i just feel like my closet is a huge ugly collage of what i used to wear and doesn’t really feel like “me” anymore. . . if that makes sense. hopefully i can put some of your tricks to use!

    • Thank you so much, Jenna! I was going through a style crisis last spring. And I felt exactly like that! Ugh, it’s horrible! I hope you try writing a style direction. Hopefully it will help you ‘focus’ your style. :)

  4. Lovely little insight here, but after talking to you this weekend I’d love to see a post about all your past incarnations too! You know, from one girl who’s had far too many hairstyles to another :) x

  5. This is such a rhythmic, dynamic post, it’s very colourful and energetic. It feels as if you were in a particularly good mood when writing it. Anyway, I find it very inspiring as well. After a year of proudly sporting my short hair, I’ve started to grow them out again since July and I am entering the infamous awkward phase. I definitely need to sit down with a cup of – herbal – tea and think about what to do with this mid-length hair (fortunately it is curly/wavy which helps a lot in masking the fact that it doesn’t have any identified style).
    I can’t explain how refreshed I feel after reading this post, I guess this is your writing talent working its magic. I’ve been afraid to post again after a long blog-silence, and you just brought back the fun and joy of writing to me! Thank you! (I think I sound quite over-enthusiastic, I blame your talent again).

    • Oh Nol, you’re too kind!! Thank you so much, my lovely! I was indeed in a good mood. Ah, the dreaded awkward phase. I hope you will figure out how to survive it! ;) You’re very lucky to have curly hair. I was just thinking last night how I haven’t seen any posts from you in a while. I’m glad you feel excited about writing again and I look forward to your next post! No pressure!

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