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How to get back on track


I’m very well aware of my tendencies to stress myself out and push myself too hard. When I do this I also forget to have fun and to do things just for myself. Here are the things that I recommend you to do when you need to get back on track.chiaki creates dots○ Organise and decorate your workspace.

○ Express gratitude and savour the good things.

○ Grab a book, light some tea lights and take a bubble bath.

○ Take vitamins every morning.

○ Eat whole foods.

○ Go for a long walk every day.

○ Ask for help when you’re struggling.

○ Take some quality alone time.

○ Go out for dinner or tea and cake.

○ Reward yourself when you’ve done something demanding.

○ Bring a book to a café and treat yourself to a big cup of hot chocolate.

○ Keep in touch with friends and make time to see them.

○ Have a good laugh every day.

○ Go see some art, comedy or a film at the pictures.

○ Keep track of your achievements.

○ Take the weekends off and don’t do anything that’s boring or difficult.

○ Write things down so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

○ Make sure that you get enough sleep.

○ Frequently have unplugged days when you don’t have to be productive.

○ Listen to music every day.

○ Take a break from whatever you’re doing when it’s making you feel frustrated.

○ Make popcorn and watch your favourite films in bed.

○ Only do what’s absolutely essential and plan your daily to-do lists better.

2 thoughts on “How to get back on track

  1. Alone time sounds lovely. I’m not very good at unplugging, and maybe I should do it more often, I should probably also plan my to dos better! Long walks, reading, bubble baths and hot chocolate all sound divine :) I hope you have a brilliant time creating and relaxing! xx

    • I don’t function without my precious alone-time. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly good at unplugging either but I think that it’s a positive thing to do. Hopefully it gets easier once you get into the habit of doing it. Thank you so much, Jess! xx

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