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November goals


Chiaki Creates - November Goals ○ Master the balancing act between solitude and social time.

○ Hang things on the walls.

○ Make sure that I take a lunch break every day.

○ Laugh more.

○ Declutter and organise everything on my laptop.

○ Make having fun a priority.

○ Get back into the habit of using my planner.

○ Improve my time management skills.

○ Stop beating myself up over mistakes.

○ Go to the pictures at least twice.

5 thoughts on “November goals

  1. i hate making mistakes, too so maybe you’ll like this quote since iI love recently: “To succeed twice as fast, fail twice as much.” We should learn to la-off ourselves a little, eh?!

    and i’m right there with ya on declutter + organizing my computer. maybe we can be one another’s accountability partner?! a nice clean laptop this time next month sounds like a dream!

    • I really hate making mistakes as well and I hadn’t even realised until recently just HOW tough I am on myself. I like that quote! Yes, it’s not easy but we need to cut ourselves some slack. We need to work on that.

      I’m definitely up for being one another’s accountability partner! What a great idea. :) Now we HAVE to do it. No procrastinating. Also, I forgot to put ‘backup all the content on my laptop’ on there. So we have to do that as well. ;) I always forget to do it, or rather I don’t prioritise to do it. It’s silly because I would cry blood if I lost any of my photos or documents.

  2. Wow, such beautiful colours in these blankets it’s making want to pull all my stash to the floor and start making something colourful! x

    • A pile of knitting or crochet tends to do that doesn’t it. These are actually my winter scarves. I can definitely see how the photo makes them look like blankets though! ;) xx

      • Haha! Oh, that’s quite funny that I got them mistaken! I just assumed as most people photograph there blankets that way! It’s quite nice to find they were just deceiving little scarfs :D xx

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