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Guest post: Vanity Tray DIY by Archie and the Rug

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Hello my name is Nicolette and I normally blog over at Archie and the Rug but today to celebrate my 3 year blogging birthday I have teamed up with a bunch of talented ladies to swap articles and meet one another’s readers.Vanity Tray DIY by Archie and the RugIf you are anything like me you too will have lots of little bits that if left to their own devices would take over your bedroom. Cluttering the tops of dressers and drawers and making it really hard to do the dusting if I am honest. I decided to make a pretty vanity tray to house some of these wayward items.Vanity Tray DIY by Archie and the Rug 1you will need; mod podge for fabric, a cheap plastic tray (I got my ugly friend from the pound shop), a brush for glue, mod podge hard coat, scraps of fabric, scissors, a craft knife.


1. Coat your tray and the back of your fabric with mod podge smoothing out as you go and allow to dry completely. I cut out some shapes from a contrasting fabric and glued those down also but this is optional.

2. Once your tray is dry trim off the edges so that the fabric is flush with the edges of the tray using a craft knife.

3. Coat your tray with mod podge hard coat allowing to dry in between coats. Vanity Tray DIY by Archie and the Rug 2I hope you enjoyed having me over.

Take Care
Nicolette xo

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