The True Sea

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January goals


○ Work on my crochet blankets.

○ See American Psycho: The Musical at the Almeida Theatre.

○ Buy a 2014 diary.

○ Get a full-time job.

○ Visit the exhibition Pop Art Design at the Barbican.

○ Watch more old films.

○ De-clutter everything and bin, sell or donate things I don’t need.

○ Have an eye test.

○ Write my 2014 goals down.

○ Make more things.

10 thoughts on “January goals

  1. That’s such a beautiful piece of crochet – I simply love those colours and the pattern!
    And I like your goals. ;-)

  2. That’s gorgeous! What stitch is that?

  3. Thank you for posting the blanket and for linking to the pattern! I love it and think I will do the blanket for my mom from this pattern. I love your creativity in choosing colors!

  4. Just wanted to say that absolutely love your design aesthetic – you are a designer’s dream! Seriously. Looking forward to all that you make in 2014! Happy New Year!

    • Gosh, thank you so so much! I popped over to your blog and I LOVE all your gorgeous makes! How very exciting to have found a new fabulous blog to follow! :) You make me want to get serious about making clothes again. Happy New Year! xx

  5. I always love your monthly goals! Your blanket looks great already – one of the things I want to do this month is start (my first ever) crochet blanket! Good luck with the job hunt :) xx

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