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Delightful little things


Chiaki Creates - Delightful Little ThingsA list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

○ Making a kazillion pom-poms and tassels.

○ Practising mindfulness every day.

○ Going to a free comedy night and seeing the fantastic Tony Law.

○ Dancing to live music in a pub with a nameless man until late one Thursday night.

○ Rereading an old Ira Levin novel.

○ Celebrating my dear friend Kat‘s Birthday with loads of lovely people I’d never met before.

○ Organising my notebooks.

○ Binging on Benedict Cumberbatch films.

○ Making loads of new friends.

○ Drizzling Eat the Bits chilli oil on everything.

○ People thinking I’m Irish or Welsh because of my accent. I’ve been getting it a lot lately.

○ Rearranging my art and craft supplies.

○ Drinking Japanese Cherry Garden tea every evening.

○ Taking a hot bubble bath in candlelight.

○ Having amazing bento for lunch and a cuppa after with my dear friend Kat and her fiancé.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?

2 thoughts on “Delightful little things

  1. This post makes me happy! I already was, you promoted me to immensely happy ^_^ I’ve been watching Ouran High School Host Club with my boyfriend on skype (long distance relationship tradition), drinking Chai Tea everyday after work, singing, spending the week-end with my best friend, petting my cat, biking to work… :) Yay for those delightful little things!

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