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Project: Little acts of kindness


Chiaki Creates - Handmade Happy Pouch For Kat of The Craft BureauA few little acts of kindness that I’ve carried out lately:

○ Made a happy pouch (pictured) and a vintage fabric bag for my dear friend Kat‘s Birthday.

○ Left a Haruki Murakami book in a train station.

○ Sent a care package to my best friend in Sweden who is having a tough time.

○ Gave all my spare change to a homeless man.

○ Helped someone who had been locked in.

○ Lent my copy of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr to my neighbour.

○ Started a conversation with someone who looked lonely in the pub.

○ Passed along a great book to a friend.

○ Held a door open for someone.

○ Picked up the phone day and night to help a friend get through a difficult experience.

○ Praised a friend for something she did well.

What little acts of kindness have you carried out lately?

4 thoughts on “Project: Little acts of kindness

  1. I crocheted a cute Cthulu for my other half for Valentine’s Day…does that count?

    You sound like such a wonderful person!

  2. Hm, well I’ve done normal things like holding doors for others and giving food to the homeless when I have some. But those aren’t out of the ordinary for me, I did have a conversation the bus with an elderly woman telling me about her childhood. I know she was lonely but I genuinely like hearing about other people’s life. It’s so interesting to learn how they came to be at the exact intersection between you and that person.

    I like this list, it is nice to remind yourself to pay it back to others.

    • These little acts of kindness aren’t out of the ordinary for me either. :) I love hearing people’s stories as well. I once met an old man on the bus who happened to be a published writer. He told me his story and he also told me to never, ever give up on writing. I concur. It’s oh so interesting!

      Thank you so much, Chrissy! Yes, it’s also nice to highlight kindness and maybe even inspire someone to do something nice!

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