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Oh! You Pretty Things


Five lovely things that have caught my fancy lately.

Ivan Ripley Psychedelic Daisy Floral English Tin Tray by alamodern on EtsyThis gorgeous vintage 60s tray designed by Ivan Ripley.
(via: alamodern on Etsy)Philippa Rice for Hic & Hoc PublicationsThe comic Looking Out by Philippa Rice.
(via: Hic & Hoc Publications)Uzumaki by Junji ItoI love manga and Uzumaki (which means spiral) by Junji Ito is one of my favourites.
(via: Tofugu)I See A Song written & illustrated by Eric Carle (1973)A page from the children’s book I See a Song written and illustrated by Eric Carle in 1973.
(via: My Vintage Book Collection)Origami Ten-Sided Yin Yang Globe by OscheneAnd in keeping with the spirals, these Origami Ten-Sided Yin Yang Globes by Oschene.
(via: Origami Maniacs)

14 thoughts on “Oh! You Pretty Things

  1. Oh what gorgeous happy colours – very Chiaki :) And I adore that tray – amazing!

  2. I’ve read all Junji’s ‘Museum of Terror’ books there amazing the art work is so creepy and the stories are great! :D x

  3. Each of these is beautiful, great choices! I’m so glad you featured a comic book and a manga, there is so much variety to this art and a good stroke of pencil has always been my favourite story telling tool :D

  4. I love the tea tray! I wouldn’t mind eating my breakfast from that in the morning :) The origami globes are so good! I love the colours, and I wish I had tha talent to make something like that! xx

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it. I wouldn’t mind eating my breakfast from that in the morning either! I’m thinking about giving the origami globes a go but I doubt I would have the patience if it’s fiddly. ;) xx

  5. Hi, what an amazing tray! Is it for sale?

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