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A list of everything that’s important in life


Chiaki Creates - A List of Everything That's Important in LifeLately I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes me happy and what doesn’t. The older I get, the more I feel like I really can’t be bothered with things that are not contributing to my well-being. Thankfully, what we do with our time is our choice. We all have the same amount of time each day but we have different priorities. This list is a celebration of everything that makes me feel good and a reminder to cut everything else out.

Creating beautiful things
Make time for writing, taking photos and creating things with my hands. Always create art.

Finding people I love
Surround myself with loving, supportive people who make me a better person. Keep in touch with my friends and family living in other countries. Meet new people and network.

Getting cultured
Watch old films. Read every day. Go to art exhibitions. Try new restaurants. Go to the pictures and the theatre. Lose hours in a bookshop, a library or a record shop. Travel and see the world.

Being kind and true to myself
Not let anyone else decide what I can and can’t do. Not beat myself up about mistakes. Make time for relaxing. Recharge my batteries by having frequent alone-time and cuddling with cats. Trust my gut feelings. Treat myself lots. Cook and eat good food.

Having fun
Listen to music. Dance and sing. Play card and board games. Solve all kinds of puzzles. Go outside and play. Be silly. Celebrate. Watch and listen to comedy. Go trampolining.

Being fully present in the moment
Practise mindfulness. Focus on the moment and not let random thoughts distract me. Slow down. Do yoga. Not worry about catching up on things all the time. Go for long strolls and notice the beauty around me.

Helping others
Do little acts of kindness. Volunteer and donate. Be there for my friends and family. Support fellow independent creatives and handmade businesses. Buy vintage and second-hand.

Simplifying my life
Keep only possessions that I love and that serves a purpose. De-clutter. Eliminate stress and unnecessary tasks. Do one thing at a time.

Challenging myself
Focus on creating my own reality. Dream big. Face my fears. Get out of my comfort zone. Find a new perspective.

Learning something new every day
Have a sense of wonder. Be curious. Learn new languages. Read about something that I know nothing about. Take creative courses and workshops.

Expressing gratitude
Keep a good things jar. Write gratitude lists. Appreciate life’s simple pleasures and fill my days with them.

What things are important in your life? I would love to read your list.

6 thoughts on “A list of everything that’s important in life

  1. I love the blossoms! This post is lovely, it’s so important to do things that contribute to your well being! I love the idea of a gratitude jar, and I’m totally into decluttering too, and long walks, creating things and having fun :) xx

    • Thank you so much, Jess! One can always do more things to improve one’s well-being. :) I’ve been keeping a good things jar for a few months now and it has had a very positive effect on me. You should definitely give it a go! :) xx

  2. this is so perfect. i love every word. can’t wait to read what else these revelations inspire <3

  3. Brilliant post (found you through Mel Goodsell). My ‘essentials’ list is shockingly similar to yours!

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