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Lately, according to my phone


Got a delivery of yum from Japan Centre.
On my bed reading The Summer of the Ubume with one of my new housemates.Made super spicy Korean style ramen noodles for dinner.
Spent a morning altering clothes, nibbling Matcha Pocky and playing backgammon.The sleeves of my new vintage kimono dress make me very happy.
Went to The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican with Bridgeen.Gorgeous paintings of two of my favourite men at the aforementioned exhibition.
Monday mornings are tough.

8 thoughts on “Lately, according to my phone

  1. You need to watch this cheesy and very random Tim Curry video lol! expect that it’s silly. xx

    • Oooh I’ve had that song on my computer for probably a decade but I’ve never seen the video or the film. My best friend and I include it on our Hallowe’en playlist. ^_^ Thank you so much for the link! It has put a huge smile on my face. xx

  2. Those painting are awesome. >.<

  3. I am in love with your vintage kimono! It is so cool! I’d love to go to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, I saw the photos on your instagram and it looks beautiful :) xx

    • I thought you would like it! I can totally see you wearing it. :) I’ll have to do an outfit post to show it off properly. It really is stunning. The exhibition was fantastic! You should definitely go if you get the chance. It’s on until the end of August. xx

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