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Outfit: Satellite of Love


♫ The Velvet Underground – Satellite of Love ♫Chiaki Creates - Outfit Satellite of Love chiakicreates.comChiaki Creates - Outfit Satellite of Love 2 chiakicreates.comKimono dress // vintage
Top // Forever 21
Clog sandals // Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

It’s been pretty hectic over here lately. My housemates and I are hosting a Werewolf night on Saturday so today we’re planning what food and cakes we’re going to make. I haven’t been able to get much work done over the last couple of days because we’ve had builders in doing some work in just about every room in the house. At the moment I’m behind on all my creative projects but hopefully I will be back on track by the end of this week.

It completely slipped my mind to post this last week. This kimono dress has quickly become one of my favourite things to wear. I stumbled across it in a vintage shop while my dear friend Bridgeen and I were wandering around Camden trying to avoid getting soaked in the rain. It’s lightweight, flowy and the pattern is gorgeous.

I’m looking forward to finally watching The Canyons tonight. Life is so good right now. I’m in love with life and everyone I meet. I don’t want the butterflies in my stomach to ever disappear!

6 thoughts on “Outfit: Satellite of Love

  1. What a rad kimono! You look lovely!

  2. I’ve heard Werewolf is a lot of fun. How did you like it?

  3. This outfit takes on a whole new dimension when I play satellite of love in my mind! You look great!

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