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Delightful little things


Chiaki Creates - Sneak Peek of Secret Project­­A list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my mojo. I had my trademark bob ruined by a hairdresser and I just haven’t been feeling it since. I figured that this is the perfect time to write a list that will help me regain focus on the good things in my life.

○ Looking forward to my weekend getaway with my dear friend Bridgeen.

○ Working on my new line of products (partly inspired by Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon).

○ Deciding that I’m a woman who wears psychedelic and floral maxi dresses.

○ Stumbling across a Sistema salad lunch box in the cornershop for less than half of the RRP.

○ Loving my part-time job in Family Tree.

○ Reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on my bed for hours and hours.

○ Working on a couple of very exciting secret projects with lovely people.

○ Buying a ticket to the National Theatre Live’s encore broadcast of Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature in October.

○ Having quiche with three different salads for late lunch/early dinner in the local café.

○ Ordering Japanese literature late at night.

○ Re-watching A Bit of Fry and Laurie for the kazillionth time.

○ Seeing my beloved Conor Oberst live again with my dear friend Laura.

○ Cooking super yummy Ottolenghi recipes.

○ Spending a lot of time with Jim Morrison’s poems.

○ Receiving a card that says “DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY” from my mum.

○ Going to a matinée of Venus in Fur in the local cinema.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?

11 thoughts on “Delightful little things

  1. A Bit of Fry & Laurie always perks me up – “It couldn’t happen in an ordinary publisher’s office could it? Could it… Or could it?!”. Reading for hours and hours sounds so good to me at the moment. Having a 4 month old baby means you get very little time for yourself.

    Btw, thanks so much for the bead necklace. I love it. I’m sure I’ll be posting about it soon xxx

    • Yay! I always watch it when I need cheering up. ‘That’s It’ is arguably the funniest sketch ever. Reading is what keeps me sane so I have to squeeze it in even if it means losing sleep, but reading for hours and hours is a bit of a rare luxury at the moment.
      Oh, I didn’t realise that it was you who bought it! I’m so glad you’re happy with it and I look forward to reading more about it. I love how you styled it with the cute floral dress! :) xxx

  2. I usually make my boyfriend wish over his malted eyelashes and he told me the other day he didn’t need too as he had what he’d wished for :) also went for a trip to Whitby yesterday where I found a ornament of a kitsch cat at a vintage fair he’s part of a set and I already have one so I grabbed him for £3 so now I have a couple :D also finished reading The BellJar and have moved onto reading Tove Jansson’s Sculptor’s Daughter, lastly had the best lie in I’ve had in ages! :) xxx

    • Reading that has put a huge smile on my face! Oooh Tove’s book sounds like an interesting read. What did you think of The Bell Jar? xxx

      • :D always nice to have a sweet sentiment said. I thought The Bell Jar was an amazing read in fact I’m glad I picked it up I had heard mixed reviews from people I knew and was quite unsure but I could relate to her troubles though. Have you read it before? Xxxx

        • It’s one of my favourite books. :) I’ve always adored Sylvia Plath – I discovered her when I was quite young. (Maybe a bit too young to be honest.) The Bell Jar is such a heartbreaking read which is what makes it so fantastic. Knowing how she struggled with her own mental health issues, the book gets under one’s skin and stays there. I’m so glad you liked it. Her diaries are great as well. xxxx

          • I was really glad I bought it I found that my thought processes are a bit similar and I over think things and I could really relate to her struggle with mental health it’s a hard thing to cope with. It was a very special read and one I’ll happily read again she such a great writer! :) I might have to have a nosey for her diaries they sound like an interesting read! Xxx

  3. Looks like you have some good stuff lined up. I’m glad. Also Quite Jealous that you’re going to see the stage production of Frankenstein- will Johnny Lee Miller also be be back in his role too? ( I loved that they used to swap who played Frankenstein and who played the monster on alternating nights- and now they are both playing Sherlock.)
    I’m looking forwards to seeing you soon too. I’ve been drafting blog posts today and you’re getting mentioned a lot lately ;-)

    • It’s all too easy getting into the habit of only seeing the negative things. ;) Well, I’m seeing the broadcast of it in the cinema. The National Theatre Live broadcast was so popular that they’re showing it again. And yes, they’re showing Lee Miller as the creature as well. It’s brilliant how they alternated roles! Ahhh, Lee Miller is in Elementary isn’t he. :D
      I’m curious about your blog posts! I shall reply to your email properly now. xx

      • Yes, Johnny is *my* sherlock ;-) (Well, of those too- I also love RDJ and Jeremy Brett).
        I like this idea of posting a list of nice things/things to be grateful for. Maybe I’ll do one sometime.xx

        • I quite like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as Sherlock as well. I have a weakness for Hammer Horror men. ;) Basil Rathbone is great as well.
          You should definitely write one! Even if you don’t blog it. It makes one feel rather grateful. xx

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