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7 podcasts you should be listening to


Chiaki Creates - 7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To chiakicreates.comSerial
A new podcast that tells one suspenseful story over a whole season. They simply keep going until they’ve told the whole story. Season 1 investigates the 1999 murder of high school student Hae Min Lee in Baltimore, and her ex boyfriend who may or may not have been wrongfully convicted. This is all about storytelling and it’s done beautifully. I’m completely addicted to this podcast.

How Did This Get Made?
Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas discuss films that are so bad that they’re amazing. They make me cry with laughter every single episode. I spend an awful lot of time talking about bad films because there isn’t really much of a discussion when you talk about good films. I recommend listening to Tiptoes, Jack Frost, Liz and Dick, From Justin To Kelly and The Room to start with.

The Cracked Podcast
Intriguing discussions from Cracked’s editorial team. Cracked is one of my favourite websites and their podcast is equally brilliant. It will make you laugh and you will learn lots of new things. Here are a few of my favourite episodes:
Why Your Brain Is Sabotaging You
How One Logical Fallacy Keeps Making You Wrong
5 Seriously Stupid Movies That Will Be Studied By History
Statistics That Prove We’re Wrong About Everything

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast
The hilarious Richard Herring interviews the biggest names in comedy. It’s silly and extremely laughter-inducing. My favourite interviews so far are Edgar Wright, Adam Buxton (all of them), Brendon Burns, Stephen Fry and Ross Noble.

No Such Thing As A Fish
The QI Elves share the best facts that they’ve found out each week from the QI offices in Covent Garden. Learning new things every day is essential for my wellbeing and this is a perfect way to learn random facts. Start anywhere.

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show
Jeff interviews creative people who have turned their obsessions into professions, as well as offering expert analysis on geeky things. He’s a fantastic interviewer and asks all the right questions. My favourite episode so far is Hoarders Cleaner Matt Paxton. It made me go “EWW!” out loud in the post office causing some confused looks.

Stuff You Should Know
Chuck and Josh of How Stuff Works talk about well, stuff you should know. I loved What Makes A Serial Killer? and How Panic Attacks Work but it’s super interesting no matter what topic they talk about.

11 thoughts on “7 podcasts you should be listening to

  1. Hey Chiaki! I’m not much of a podcast listener (that’s the BF’s department) but I am totally addicted to Serial and I’m so glad to see it’s your number one. I sometimes listen in on the Nerdist, and Answer me This, courtesy of the BF, and I really want to make some time to try out Night Vale, I’ve a feeling you’d like that one too! Nice to see you blogging again. b.x

    • I listened to the occasional podcast before but I was recently converted and podcasts are now a big part of my day. :) Oh, I’m so glad that you’re addicted to Serial too!! It’s so gripping. Yes, I like Nerdist but I need to check Answer Me This out. I’ve listened to the odd episode of Night Vale but I don’t think I was in the right mood at the time. Will go back and try it again as the concept is fantastic! Thank you, my dear! xx

  2. That’s awesome, I love this post! I want to listen to them all :D

  3. I am completely and utterly obsessed with Serial. I want more people I know to listen to it so I can talk to them about it. I also really like Stuff You Should Know and I used to really love Stuff You Missed in History Class, but I don’t like the new hosts as much.

    This American Life is really fantastic, it’s a similar feel to Serial but in much shorter segments. I also really love Radiolab.

    • Oh it is SO good! Me too haha! I desperately want to talk about it. Will have to check Stuff You Missed in History Class and Radiolab out. :) This American Life is on my list but I haven’t got round to it yet.

  4. Oh my gosh I was going to do a Podcast post ;) you beat me too it! I’m addicted to podcasts at the minute there helping me distract my mind. lol! I’m definitely going to add Serial and give it a try sounds brilliant. :) xx

    • Aww you should still do one! I’d love to hear what podcasts you’d recommend. :) That’s why I fill my days with them too at the moment, to distract my mind. It’s great. Yay! Let me know what you think of Serial. xx

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