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Intentions for 2015


Chiaki Creates - Intentions For 2015 chiakicreates.comFor me 2014 was a year of continuous change. It was a wonderful and tough year. I fell in love with the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I tried a lot of new things that frightened me and I met lots of new people. I made new friends. My paternal grandma passed away and my maternal grandma got ill. I turned 30 and decided to get my priorities straight. I spent too much time missing people who live elsewhere and hence started doubting that London is the place for me. I became a bookseller and realised that I’ve finally found my ideal day job. So much happened in 2014. So much that forced me to grow and re-evaluate everything.

This year I choose to focus on committing to the people and things that I want in my life.

I will fill my life with joy and do more of what makes me happy.

I will love unconditionally.

I will spend my time with people who matter.

I will take better care of myself and listen to my body.

This year I choose to make writing a priority. This year I will find stability.

Happy New Year, my dears! May 2015 be the year we make our dreams come true!

6 thoughts on “Intentions for 2015

  1. Sounds like great intentions to me. I always think that half way through the year we should re evaulate what we intended on New year as a reminder i always forget lol! :) Xx

  2. Excellent goals. And slightly irrelevant but I love everything about that picture :)

  3. Ah Chiaki, you inspired me to write my own list of intentions for 2015 here – (And intentions is a much better word than ‘resolutions’. Hope you’re enjoying your break in Sweden. b.x

    • Yay, I LOVE your intentions!! I read them on the day you posted them but haven’t had time to reply until now. Sweden was lovely and just what I needed. Part of me wanted to stay longer. Hope all is well with you, my dear! xx

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