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Bibelot Magazine: The Little Book of Creative Curiosities

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Bird Origami Tutorial for Bibelot Magazine bibelotmagazine.comI’ve been so busy lately that it totally slipped my mind to tell you about this super exciting project that I’m working on with my very talented friend Chloë Owens. If you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram you probably know already that I’m a writer and do social media for Bibelot Magazine.Bibelot Magazine bibelotmagazine.comBibelot – [Bi-be-loh]


1. An attractive or curious trinket.

2. A small object of curiosity, beauty or rarity.

3. A miniature book, especially one that is finely crafted.

Bibelot, “The Little Book of Creative Curiosities”, will be a quarterly craft, design and lifestyle magazine celebrating the hand-made, the ethical, and the unique.

Bibelot is about more than craft projects; it represents an imaginative and sustainable way of life. Readers will feel stimulated, uplifted and motivated.

Bibelot will begin its life as a blog, an online hub bringing artistic, original and innovative people together. It’s a space for sharing ideas, learning and sparking inspiration!

You can find us here:

Please follow us, spread the love and get involved! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to do a guest post on the Bibelot Magazine blog. Oh, I do hope that you want to come along for this adventure! xx

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