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Style direction: She lives on Love Street


Leaving London and everything unhealthy behind gave me a sense of freedom, and with it came a new style direction. I feel like I’ve been let out of prison and I want to celebrate my new-found independence and my increasing self-confidence. I want to sing and dance in a field of wild flowers so it makes complete sense that my style is going in the direction it is.Style Direction: She Lives On Love Street | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comInspirations
“She lives on Love Street” is of course the first line of Love Street by The Doors. It’s the perfect name for my new style direction as I’m heavily influenced by Jim Morrison’s muse, Pamela Courson. For a while, I’ve noticed myself moving away from the swinging 60s towards the psychedelic late 60s and the super bright early 70s. I’m reconnecting with Mother Earth and searching inside myself for something deeper. I’m also connecting with my glam rock flower child mother who brought me up to love David Bowie and The Doors, so it makes sense to go back to her roots.

Free-spirited. Flowy. Layers. Fringe. Lace.

Shades of blue – cornflower, aqua, cyan, robin egg, azure, turquoise; shades of green – spring, mint, kelly, sea foam and of course lots of yellow, bright orange, candy pink and silver.Style Direction: She Lives On Love Street | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comPrints
Floral, geometric, paisley, op art, psychedelic and anything Marimekko.

I’m letting my ginger bob grow but I’m keeping my big long rounded fringe. I still wear my hair in an Anna Karina half up bouffant every now and then but I want more texture and curls. Makeup is minimalistic with mascara and a light shimmery eye shadow if any at all. I’ve grown my eyebrows out and I’m still figuring out what to do with them.Style Direction: She Lives On Love Street | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comEssential pieces
Psychedelic maxi dresses and floral tunics, Breton tops and high waist a-line skirts, shift and babydoll dresses, solid coloured vest tops and printed flowy skirts, kimonos and scarf dresses, printed 60s blouses and retro swimsuits, sailor coat and fringed cardigans.Style Direction: She Lives On Love Street | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comEssential accessories
Floral scarves and oversized 60s sunglasses, vintage fabric bags with circular handles and printed tote bags, floppy hats and floral crowns, chandelier earrings and long necklaces with crescent moons and elephants, handmade brooches and wide braided belts.

Essential footwear
Swedish clog sandals, strappy sandals, tan Chelsea boots and as often as possible, bare feet.

How about you? Do you write style directions or keep a mood board to help you visualise your personal style?

4 thoughts on “Style direction: She lives on Love Street

  1. I feel like I have ideas of styles I’d like but I either don’t suit them or I can’t find enough in that style to make a coherent outfit! I love your style posts.

  2. i LOVE THIS! I’m totally feeling your new style direction. I’m so glad you are feeling more optimistic about life. What I love about this is that it’s not a radical departure, it’s just your 60’s style with a softer more 70’s edge. The colours you list are still the colours i would expect from you, the hair and shoes etc all make sense. And is that Stevie Nicks I spy?!! She’s been on my own style radar for a while now. I don’t write style directions, or have a mood board but I kind of use IG as a way to favourite things that inspire me or looks i want to try. I’ve definitely been feeling my old goth/hippy vibes coming though lately, always with a little bit of 90’s grunge on the side! lol.I don’t really feel like I have a style but it would be fun to do a style inspiration post sometime ;-)

    • Yay! Thank you so much, my dear! Yes, you’re right. It’s not a radical departure, which is quite unusual for me, but I feel really happy with where I am now style wise. It’s totally Stevie Nicks!! :D Using Instagram in that way is a great idea. I love seeing your old goth/hippy vibes coming through! I’m feeling them too. ;) The first style I consciously chose, was a goth/hippy/witchy style. As you know, grunge was never my thing but I love your 90s vibes. :D It’s so funny how we’ve gone through a lot of the same styles. Oh and you’ve got me into jewellery again! I haven’t been for years. I would love to read a style inspiration post of yours! PS. there’s a parcel on its way to you. :)

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