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Our thoughts define who we are, but so do the things that we spend our time thinking about. The first thing I ask when I want to get to know someone is what things occupy their thoughts. What they’re into. If you love finding out what’s going on inside people’s heads as much as I do, here’s your chance to get inside my head. In no particular order, these are the things that I think about the most.What's On My Mind | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comLove
I spend a lot of time thinking about the people I love unconditionally who love me unconditionally. They’re not many and they all live elsewhere, but I’m so lucky to have them in my life. I feel blessed to have super connections with people.

David Bowie
You’ve probably gathered by now that Bowie is my muse and inexhaustible source of inspiration. He motivates me to go after my dreams, to change things when I’m unhappy with the way my life is going and to never ever give up no matter what craziness the Universe sends my way.

Writing ideas
I’m always thinking about what I’m currently working on. When I start writing something new, I simply start and let the piece develop organically. I rarely know when I start if it it’s going to be a chapter of my book, a blog post or a magazine article. Sometimes it’s just something that needs to come out, not to be shared.

Books I want to read, books I’ve read and books I want to re-read. I remember exactly when I read every book that I’ve ever read. The memory of reading them is attached to what was going on in my life at the time because I draw parallels between my life and the plot. I just finished reading The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer and it really spoke to me. So much so, that I’m considering writing Amanda a heartfelt email.

Happy things
I’ve trained myself to focus on the delightful little things in life and expressing gratitude for them. It makes a huge difference to my well-being. When I’m looking forward to something, I do it with my whole heart. A lot of times the anticipation is even better than the event itself! Podcasts are included in happy things. I listen to at least 3 podcasts every day and when I’m not listening, I’m thinking about the next podcast I’m going to listen to.

Green tea is a huge part of my day. I’m always wondering when I can have my next cup of tea, even when I’m having one. When I’m going away, tea is the first thing on my packing list. My favourites are sencha, jasmine green tea, jasmine silver needle tea and cherry blossom green tea.

I think a lot about how cats work, what beautiful and amazing creatures they are, and when I can next cuddle one. I find spending time with cats very therapeutic. I have cat friends who I go for walks with or have a lunch break with at work.

True crime
I’ve always been a huge true crime nerd. Yes, I was a morbid child. It’s not normal to absorb and think about true crime as much as I do, but in my defence I come at it from a psychology angle. Read on.

I spend most of my time studying human behaviour and figuring out why people behave the way they do. I’d love to become a forensic psychologist or a true crime writer but I wouldn’t be able to cope with being exposed to so much evil on a daily basis. Therefore, I decided to take the positive psychology route instead.

Films I want to watch, films I’ve watched and films I want to re-watch. I can watch my favourite films over and over without getting bored of them. In my mind, certain films are attached to certain people. For example, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and Bedazzled (1967) are attached to my best friend. I quote films and draw parallels between real life and films all the time.

I wanted to give you a truthful account so it had to be included. Everyone thinks about sex all the time, right?

How about you? What things do you think about the most?

Phrenology head template found here.

2 thoughts on “What’s on my mind

  1. I always enjoy seeing your posts pop up in my inbox – this one especially warmed my cockles with its positivity (and I love David Bowie too !) x

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