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October goals


October Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Listen to more inspirational podcasts.

○ Get enough sleep.

○ Make some extra money and put it in my savings account.

○ Read an inspiring book.

○ Buy a new pair of Chelsea boots.

○ Write out my thoughts.

○ Find a place to settle in.

○ Eat more nuts and seeds.

○ Work on setting healthy boundaries.

3 thoughts on “October goals

  1. What are some of your favourite podcasts?

    • I listen to so many podcasts on many different topics but my absolute favourite is The Last Podcast on the Left. How Did This Get Made? is another favourite. For creepy stuff, Thinking Sideways, Generation Why and Sword and Scale are fantastic. I happen to have a couple of podcast recommendation blog posts lined up. One on morbid podcasts and one on podcasts that make you think so keep your eyes peeled for more favourites.

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