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20 Questions That Will Change Your Life


20 Questions That Will Change Your Life | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comI’m a firm believer in self empowerment. All too often, we disempower ourselves when in reality, we have a lot more control over our lives and our feelings than we think. The way you’re feeling about your life right now, you at some point chose to feel. We have a choice. Perception is not a passive process. When our circumstances aren’t ideal, we can intentionally change how we perceive the world. Asking yourself the right things is a great place to start. It may be a bold claim to say that these questions will change your life, but I promise you that they will if you ask them often and answer them honestly.

1. What can you do today to make yourself feel better about your life?

2. What can you do to make today an amazing day?

3. What are your top 10 life goals and what can you do today to work towards them?

4. What’s preventing you from being happy with your life?

5. How can you put your life in perspective?

6. What can you do to have a good laugh today?

7. What can you do to take better care of yourself?

8. Who in your life deserve a big heartfelt thank you?

9. What in your life is draining you of energy and what can you do to fix it?

10. What are 10 things that you are thankful for today?

11. What makes you happy and how can you have more of that on a daily basis?

12. What can you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone today?

13. What can you do to support and encourage the people you love?

14. What are your top 5 values and are you living your life according to them?

15. What can you do to relax today?

16. What can you do to live more in the moment?

17. What can you read, watch and listen to that will inspire you today?

18. How can you become more connected with yourself?

19. What can you do to nurture your important relationships?

20. What would make you feel fulfilled and how can you work towards that today?

4 thoughts on “20 Questions That Will Change Your Life

  1. These are HUGE! I mean really profound. I definitely couldn’t tackle them all at once, but broken down into meditations on maybe a few of these per day one could definitely work towards some significant changes. Some of these I already try to do and others are newer to me. I like how there is a selection of questions here directed inward, and some outward about friends and supporters- which is really good to be reminded of. (We can’t do everything alone). I also think there are questions that can be tackled immediately and others that help you look at long term goals. I’m definitely going to save these and think about how the might apply to my life. Thank you! x

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It made me smile. Meditating on a few a day sounds like a great idea. It’s a lot of self reflection to just dive into! I’ve been answering these questions regularly for years (though sometimes I’ve lost my way!) and since they’re helping me so much, I figured I’d share them. That’s what I love the most, that there are easier ones and harder ones to answer, focusing on very different areas of life. Even on those days when things feel hopeless, you can find a few to answer. We certainly can’t do everything alone. I’m working on getting better at showing my appreciation and gratitude. Yay! Let me know how you get on. x

  2. These questions are really helpful. Sometimes I wish someone could come along and just give me all the answers though x

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