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5 podcasts that are well worth your time


5 Podcasts That Are Well Worth Your Time | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comThe Black Tapes
A serialised docudrama from Pacific Northwest Stories and Minnow Beats Whale. Journalist Alex Reagan investigates The Strand Institute and its founder Dr. Richard Strand, who according to his Twitter account is a professional paranormal sceptic. The story telling style echoes Serial which combined with the creepy feel of The X-Files makes this an addictive listen. It feels like an NPR podcast and that’s a compliment. TBTP is fictional but no one working on the show is going to admit it because blurring the line between fiction and reality is the whole point. Normally, I don’t listen to fictional podcasts but TBTP is extremely well-produced and exceptionally engaging.

Love + Radio
An otherworldly NPR podcast featuring in-depth interviews and stories on an eclectic range of topics, from the seedy to the sublime. Each episode blends fact and fiction, and have a theme, for example ghosts, online dating or secrets. The interviews have a wonderful musical quality to them which is achieved through audio production techniques. As a listener you feel like you’re travelling down a spiral and you end up with the realisation that people are rarely the way they first appear to be.

Astonishing Legends
Scott and Forrest take us on a journey through legendary strange and unusual events throughout history. They interview people who’ve experienced the unexplained up close. They remind us that it’s okay to laugh at these stories and respectfully, at the people that tell them too. The theme tune is suitably spooky and the show is very entertaining. Naturally, I started with the Shadow People episode in bed by candlelight.

Another serialised docudrama from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories. It’s impossible to explain what Tanis is about because Tanis is unknowable, an elusive but endlessly fascinating myth. This podcast is a way to explore information, conspiracy and ultimately, truth. Blurring the line between fact and fiction, it will have you searching for answers and looking up the information they give you. Like with The Black Tapes Podcast, no one working on the show is going to admit that it’s fictional, but you will find yourself not caring because it’s absolutely spellbinding.

Liar City
People lie all the time, but the most interesting thing is what comes after. The truth. This is a podcast about lies, scandals and conspiracies, and the most notorious liars in history. It’s an informative and seemingly well-researched show, and there’s always something that we can learn from these stories. If you, like me struggle to understand why people lie, you will find LC very intriguing. The Satanic Panic episodes are outstanding.

2 thoughts on “5 podcasts that are well worth your time

  1. These all sound so intriguing, but I still haven’t really ‘got’ podcasts. I have however fallen down the Rabbit hole of You-tube videos, perhaps I should make a similar list? ;-)

    • Oh, I can’t get through a day without my podcasts! They keep me company and help me tame my thoughts when they spiral out of control. I think you would like The Black Tapes a lot. I would love to see a similar YouTube list! :D

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