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Let’s talk about the ugly stuff


Let's Talk About The Ugly Stuff | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comI no longer have any patience for superficial things. Small talk, shallow relationships and anything that only goes skin-deep add nothing to life. It’s not real and it feels like a waste of time because it provides no emotional fulfilment.

This frustration has worsened over time. I need those deep, meaningful conversations and interactions because they make me feel alive. Offline and online. My attention has gradually shifted completely onto the people who I have that super connection with. For the first time ever, I have no desire to introduce new characters into my life. I’m content nurturing the relationships that I have.

Life right now is all about giving and receiving love, and working towards feeling entirely fulfilled in all areas of my life. My focus is on the future and on writing. I’m happier and calmer than I’ve been in over 5 years. I’m surrounded by authentic, loving people which makes me crave more of the real stuff in its rawest form. The stuff that truly matters and creates deep connections.

I don’t read blogs the way I used to. I carefully choose what blog posts I read and I’ve unfollowed hundreds of Instagram and Twitter accounts. Online life feels too manicured to me at the moment. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the first one to say that my writing and social media posts are all edited to various degrees. In no way am I judging anyone here. I just want my online presence to reflect all aspects of my life and my personality. I’m on a mission to weave more real and unedited content into my online presence.

I want to write about conquering trust and commitment issues, managing anxiety, healing from abuse, coping with loneliness, banishing stress, facing fears, dealing with frustration, overcoming self-harm, finding purpose, recovering from depression, letting go of jealousy, cultivating forgiveness and everything else that we need to talk about.

Suffering is universal. Sharing our pain gives us power and brings us together. Let’s talk about the ugly stuff and our dark experiences. Let’s talk about our troubling thoughts, afflictions and disturbing emotions. Show me your scars and open wounds.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the ugly stuff

  1. Good for you. Appreciating each day is such a good thing for you never know what tomorrow will bring. I had never been ill a day in my life and one day woke up with PMR which attacks your joints. So see you just have to make the best of each day and go on with whatever life sends you Good luck to you

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Eileen. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope that you’re getting sufficient treatment and that you have the support that you need. Your words are so true. It’s essential to make the most out of each and every day. Thank you.

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