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March goals


March Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Wear jewellery every day.

○ Do yoga. Meditate. Breathe deeply.

○ Buy a pair of tan clog sandals.

○ Research publications to pitch personal essays to.

○ Make more Japanese food, such as vegetable gyoza, yaki onigiri and tofu katsu.

○ Start writing in my Five Minute Journal.

○ Practise my affirmations every day.

○ Organise and tidy my laptop.

○ Dedicate one day a week to self care.

○ Buy a yukata dressing gown.

5 thoughts on “March goals

  1. These are wonderful goals. I wish you well!

  2. I totally relate to these goals. A few I should really work on in there too! I totally think you should get some tan clogs too. Can I get some as well? ;-) (I actually got soft sole clog boots for my birthday recently so I’m probably not allowed any for the time being! ) I has to look up Yukata gowns, and yes you should totally get one. It seems Uniqlo do them, which is cool and probably affordable?
    Hope you’re having a super relaxed weekend. b.x

    • Yay! There’s lots of self care in there. Haha, of course you can. ;) I think that I’m being a bit too optimistic about the clog sandals. It’s getting colder again. I’ve never worn a pair of clog boots. Are they comfortable? Thank you so much for the link. It sadly looks like they’ve sold out. I’m spending way too much time looking at yukata dressing gowns at the moment but I want to find the perfect one. I had a really relaxed weekend, thank you. I’m looking forward to my long weekend this week! Hope you’re having a lovely evening and let me know when you receive the parcel! xx

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