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Taking stock


Taking Stock | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comEnjoying: being alive.
Listening: to Nine Inch Nails.
Wearing: my lucky elephant necklace every day.
Making: more time for reading.
Cooking: white miso ramen.
Drinking: orange and lotus flower green tea.
Feeling: hopeful.
Reading: Evil and the Mask by Fuminori Nakamura.
Looking: forward to the days I’m taking off work to write.
Liking: that the cat next-door at work comes over for cuddles almost every day.
Waiting: for slightly warmer weather.
Snacking: on Cocoa Brazil nuts in raw chocolate.
Coveting: Gyokuro from Whittard of Chelsea.
Hearing: lots of episodes of Those Conspiracy Guys.
Learning: things about myself.
Loving: my new Japanese cherry blossom perfume.
Watching: season 3 of Bates Motel.
Wondering: if it really is supposed to be like this.
Noticing: how important it is to always have things to look forward to.
Giggling: at Comedy Bang! Bang!.
Bookmarking: anything about Chip-chan.
Deciding: to start getting up earlier to get more alone-time before work.
Hoping: to visit my dear Geenie very soon.
Contemplating: when to visit my friends and family in Sweden.
Wanting: to go and stay in a hotel because I love hotels.
Thinking: about forgiveness and letting go.
Knowing: that all my dreams will be fulfilled eventually.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.

5 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Woah, I just followed your link on Chip-Chan. How Bizarre. Like an internet based urban myth! I too am feeling ‘hopeful’ these days. and i don’t even know hopeful of what, just generally optimistic. You’ve inspired me to do another one of these ‘Taking Stock’ posts, seems to make sense after the operation.

    • Having read quite a lot about her and watching her live stream, I believe that she’s really mentally unwell so it’s sad really. Still, it’s compellingly fascinating. I’m so glad to hear it! :) I have this general feeling of hopefulness but not for anything specific either. Maybe we can sense that spring is on its way? Although, now I’m terribly excited about visiting you. Yay, I can’t wait to read it! I love writing these posts. It’s such a lovely way to check in with yourself. X

      • Yes, It is sad ;-( And i’m sure its about Spring coming, the weather here has been lovely the last couple of days and it really does lift one’s mood! I’m excited to see you too. Looking forwards to getting that sorted! And I agree, it’s a nice way to check in with yourself, definitely. I like to do them just whenever it feels right ;-)

        • It does lift one’s mood. Despite the fact that I can’t deal with direct sunlight. I will look at flights tonight to see when it’s cheaper and I’ll run the dates past you before I book tickets. Me too. :)

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