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Taking stock

Taking Stock | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comEnjoying: extended time with my family and friends in Sweden.
Listening: to the Swedish investigative true crime podcast #Fallet.
Wearing: floral clothes from my favourite Swedish shop, INDISKA.
Making: time for reading.
Cooking: tacos with girls I went to school with.
Drinking: strawberry ProViva, a Swedish probiotic fruit drink.
Feeling: loved.
Reading: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer.
Looking: into courses and funding. Still.
Wishing: that I could live in Brighton and in Sweden at the same time.
Liking: sleeping in a comfortable bed.
Snacking: on cinnamon chocolate almonds.
Coveting: books I want to read.
Hearing: how much my brother sounds like our dad on the phone.
Learning: lots about myself.
Loving: Swedes’ tendency to make the most of things and to let things take their time.
Watching: The Nightmare and rubbish horror films with my best friend.
Admiring: Shirley Manson. Always.
Getting: super excited about seeing my friends when I’m back in Brighton.
Wondering: what my life will be like in a year’s time.
Playing: with my friends’ cats.
Noticing: that this time in Sweden is making me remember who I really am.
Deciding: on plan B and working on plan A.
Wanting: my own house because I really miss having a place to call home.
Thinking: about the future.
Knowing: that I can do whatever I want.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.


Lately, according to my phone: Sweden edition

I’ve been in Sweden visiting friends and family for almost 4 weeks now and I’m savouring every moment of it. I’ve been catching up with people who I haven’t seen in years and I’ve paid several visits to my favourite Swedish shop INDISKA. Most importantly, I’ve had no responsibilities and I’ve been allowed to just be. Something that I haven’t been able to do for years. Though I didn’t see it at the time, I suffered from learned helplessness during my last 4 years in London. Being around loving, supportive people in Brighton and in Sweden is making me remember who I really am. I’m a strong, assertive woman who goes after what she wants and does what makes her happy, no matter what. No one can tell me what to do. Isn’t it wonderful what love is capable of?

Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comWatched The Enfield Haunting with my best friend and her cat.
Chanterelles, the gold of the forest.Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comBefore attending a Birthday party for a girl I met at art school.
A few beautiful things. Love my brother’s Buddha statue!Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comI’m always struck by my hometown’s beauty when I visit.
Went to INDISKA and got a top, an open tunic, a dress and trousers in the sale.Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comBlueberries straight from the forest.
The Swedish countryside is so beautiful and serene.Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comBefore attending a dinner party with girls I went to school with.
Love the fact that you can buy mochi ice cream and Pocky in my tiny hometown.Lately, According to My Phone: Sweden Edition | Chiaki Creates chiakicreates.comWent to INDISKA again and couldn’t leave without this gorgeous maxi dress.
A Happy Buddha on a sunny Friday afternoon.

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Taking stock

Chiaki Creates - Taking Stock chiakicreates.comEnjoying: the seaside air.
Listening: to Nick Drake, The Doors and Clara Rockmore.
Wearing: psychedelic maxi dresses as often as possible.
Making: a new life for myself.
Cooking: a lot of tofu and mushrooms.
Drinking: Swedish elderflower cider.
Feeling: free and loved.
Reading: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.
Looking: forward to September.
Wishing: some things were easier but then nothing that matters is easy.
Liking: listening to podcasts on my long walks to and from work.
Snacking: on creamy dill lentil chips with red pepper houmous.
Coveting: clog sandals.
Hearing: people’s life stories.
Learning: to stop resisting.
Loving: living in Brighton.
Watching: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Lilyhammer.
Admiring: myself for doing what makes me happy.
Getting: super excited about new projects.
Noticing: how much better my skin looks since I moved from London.
Giggling: at Man Down.
Bookmarking: inspirational articles.
Deciding: to quit my job and go visit my friends and family in Sweden for a month.
Contemplating: what courses I want to take.
Wanting: more time to write.
Thinking: about how amazing it’s going to be to see everyone in Sweden.
Knowing: that everything is falling into place.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.

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My morning routine and gorgeous retro tableware

Disclosure: The Folklore Coffee Pot, Orla Kiely Orange Poppy Stem Mug, Abode Plates and Ted Baker Sugar Sweet Notebook were gifts from the fabulous folks at Flamingo Gifts. They have a unique range of quirky gifts for every occasion, so pop over and have a browse!Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware chiakicreates.comI start every day with yoga because I want my morning routine to instil healthy habits. I also want it to take me closer to my goals so after yoga, I read my plan for the future and decide what steps can be taken that day. I then have breakfast, which always includes green tea and crispbread or black bread.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 2I’ve been using these Magpie plates for my breakfast every day for the past week. They’re so cute! I use the Folklore enamel pot and the Orla Kiely mug every morning and evening. The enamel pot pours perfectly and I love the fact that it looks Scandinavian.Chiaki Creates - My Morning Routine And Gorgeous Retro Tableware 3Lately I’ve started listening to a life coach podcast in the morning. I listen to lots of podcasts but I’m really enjoying starting the day with something motivational. When I’m ready to get on with my day, I read the to-do list that I wrote the night before. I always write my lists in a beautiful notebook.

How about you? What’s your morning routine?


Taking stock

Chiaki Creates - Taking Stock chiakicreates.comEnjoying: prolonged alone time which has brought me back to my core.
Listening: to Nine Inch Nails, Bright Eyes and The Doors.
Wearing: cyan holographic and hexagon glitter nail varnish.
Making: plans for the future.
Cooking: healthy vegetarian food every day.
Drinking: Go Coco coconut water and Chi chocolate coconut milk.
Feeling: excited and happy and loved.
Reading: This is Dalí by Catherine Ingram.
Looking: into going back to school.
Wishing: that I could unlisten to Serial so I could hear it again for the first time.
Liking: my new tan sandals.
Waiting: for my Kindle Fire to arrive.
Snacking: on natural yogurt with sliced banana and strawberries.
Coveting: this gorgeous kimono dress from Anthropologie.
Hearing: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson on audiobook.
Learning: to monotask.
Loving: having a bubble bath every day.
Watching: Inside No. 9 and Mr. Sloane.
Admiring: people who go after their dreams.
Getting: significantly better at managing my thoughts.
Wondering: if growing my eyebrows out really is a good idea.
Playing: with cats.
Noticing: how much better I sleep in a comfy bed.
Giggling: at Psychobitches and Ross Noble Freewheeling.
Bookmarking: psychology articles.
Deciding: to only say yes to things that contribute to my happiness.
Hoping: that Jesse will turn up in Better Call Saul.
Wanting: to one day own a house full of laughter and love.
Thinking: about how blessed I am to have people in my life who love me unconditionally.
Knowing: that I am the author of my life’s story.

Taking Stock is a feature inspired by the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s.


Sorbet Pop Bowls and my favourite Swedish tradition

Disclosure: The gorgeous Sorbet Pop Bowls were a gift from the colour loving people at Red Candy. They stock funky gifts and homeware for everyone who is passionate about colour and good design.‘Fredagsmys’. My favourite Swedish tradition and the one I miss the most is a weekly event. ‘Fredag’ means Friday and ‘mys’ means cosiness. To ‘mysa’ means to snuggle, cuddle, relax, recharge, be comfy and have a nice time. You can ‘mysa’ on your own or with your favourite people. ‘Fredagsmys’ is to relax in front of the tv or a film with food, snacks and soft drinks. It’s most Swedes’ favourite way to unwind after a long work week.Aren’t these bowls happy! They’re the perfect size for snacks, fruit, dip, yogurt, dessert and for taco ingredients which is also a very common ‘fredagsmys’ feature. I have a thing about eating dinner out of small bowls that I can comfortably hold in my hand, and these super bright bowls are just the right size and weight for that. They’re sturdy and they look great stacked too.

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Delightful little things

Chiaki Creates - Delightful Little Things chiakicreates.comA list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

○ Getting back into reading with a Japanese murder mystery.

○ Watching American Horror Story: Freak Show and Breaking Bad in bed.

○ Listening to The Russell Brand Podcast and feeling super happy.

○ Visiting Noel Fielding’s exhibition and the Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime exhibition.

○ Learning new yoga poses.

Wearing bright floral tunics and dancing to The Doors.

○ Eating lots of Korean and Japanese food.

○ Writing late into the night.

○ Listening to a life coach podcast and finding it really encouraging.

○ Treating myself to a matinee of What We Do in the Shadows.

○ My mood having levelled out.

The League making me cry with laughter.

○ Going for long sunny walks while listening to true crime podcasts.

○ Taking lots of naps.

○ Making an orange and almond syrup cake on Mother’s Day.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?