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Delightful little things

Chiaki Creates - Sneak Peek of Secret Project­­A list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my mojo. I had my trademark bob ruined by a hairdresser and I just haven’t been feeling it since. I figured that this is the perfect time to write a list that will help me regain focus on the good things in my life.

○ Looking forward to my weekend getaway with my dear friend Bridgeen.

○ Working on my new line of products (partly inspired by Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon).

○ Deciding that I’m a woman who wears psychedelic and floral maxi dresses.

○ Stumbling across a Sistema salad lunch box in the cornershop for less than half of the RRP.

○ Loving my part-time job in Family Tree.

○ Reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt on my bed for hours and hours.

○ Working on a couple of very exciting secret projects with lovely people.

○ Buying a ticket to the National Theatre Live’s encore broadcast of Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature in October.

○ Having quiche with three different salads for late lunch/early dinner in the local café.

○ Ordering Japanese literature late at night.

○ Re-watching A Bit of Fry and Laurie for the kazillionth time.

○ Seeing my beloved Conor Oberst live again with my dear friend Laura.

○ Cooking super yummy Ottolenghi recipes.

○ Spending a lot of time with Jim Morrison’s poems.

○ Receiving a card that says “DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY” from my mum.

○ Going to a matinée of Venus in Fur in the local cinema.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?


Lately, according to my phone

Chiaki Creates - Instagram 69 chiakicreates.comTook a lovely long stroll on Hampstead Heath one afternoon with my friend Laura.
We also had tea and super yummy vanilla & berry Swiss roll.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 70 chiakicreates.comBought The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt because 3 people in this house want to read it.
This cutie confused yoga time with cuddle time.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 71 chiakicreates.comHad one last cuppa and a very lovely chat with my dear Kat before she moved to Tokyo.
Everything leafy and a delicious spinach, avocado, basil, sesame and shoot salad.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 72 chiakicreates.comSomeone slept through a whole day.
Blueberries & cinnamon cardamom oats with Swedish vaniljvisp after a long workday.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 73 chiakicreates.comMade a crochet bag which will be added to my Etsy shop very soon.
A huge bowl of quinoa, sautéed courgettes & spinach with avocado & fresh basil dressing.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 74 chiakicreates.comGot this gorgeous Dolly Days teacup in the post one morning.
This round cushion and loads more happy cushions will soon be added to my Etsy shop.Chiaki Creates - Instagram 75 chiakicreates.comThis hand-painted rainbow necklace was sent off to a new home.
A day of bubble tea, hirata buns, Japan Centre, Tiger & wandering around Soho with Laura.


Lately, according to my phone

Got a delivery of yum from Japan Centre.
On my bed reading The Summer of the Ubume with one of my new housemates.Made super spicy Korean style ramen noodles for dinner.
Spent a morning altering clothes, nibbling Matcha Pocky and playing backgammon.The sleeves of my new vintage kimono dress make me very happy.
Went to The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican with Bridgeen.Gorgeous paintings of two of my favourite men at the aforementioned exhibition.
Monday mornings are tough.


Delightful little things

Chiaki Creates - Delightful Little ThingsA list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

○ Making ramen on rainy days.

○ Emailing with my dad and being utterly happy that we’ve become so close over the years.

○ Looking forward to seeing Conor Oberst live again in July with a friend.

○ Making plans to attend The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham with my dear friend Bridgeen.

○ Eating loads of fresh fruit and vegetables.

○ Celebrating two friends getting married.

○ Treating myself to two matinees, The Double and Calvary, both of which were fantastic.

○ Re-reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson because it’s a wonderful read.

○ Stumbling across gorgeous floral washi tape in Butlers.

○ Marathon watching series 1 of Blandings.

○ Listening to Iggy Pop’s BBC 6 Radio Music show every Sunday.

○ Trying new teas.

○ Remembering that I have tickets to see Derren Brown’s Infamous in July.

○ Going on long strolls in the sunshine and enjoying the smell of blossoming trees.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?


Lately, according to my phone

I’m sorry that my posts have been a bit sporadic lately. I’m moving house in a week so I’ve been busy packing, getting rid of stuff and preparing for moving day. These are very exciting (and slightly scary) times! Somehow I also managed to fall into a photographer slump in April but I’m finally starting to feel inspired to take photos again.

Gave myself a new haircut about a month ago.
Finally started using my apple tea towels from Tiger.Wore my new Mary Quant-esque knee socks from Primark.
Spicy miso vegetable udon soup with vegetable gyoza for dinner one night with a friend.Spent an evening re-reading a favourite manga and painting new psychedelic designs.
Yesterday a dear friend and I had these super yummy cinnamon buns in a Swedish café. I ♡ Pop Boutique.
Today I’ve been making a groovy cushion as a Birthday present for my mum.


Lately, according to my phone

Spent an evening hand-printing tote bags which are for sale in my Etsy shop.
Made a super happy pom-pom scarf which is also for sale in my Etsy shop.One minute DIY: Rainbow dot washi tape shelf edging.
Spent an afternoon writing and listening to The Who.Made a Birthday tiramisu Swiss roll for my dear friend Kat‘s fiancé. (Photo by Kat.)
Got these gorgeous bracelets from my best friend in Sweden in the post.The trees on my road are covered in gorgeous pink blossoms.
My best friend in Sweden sent me this gorgeous necklace and a matching bracelet.


Delightful little things

Chiaki Creates - Delightful Little ThingsA list to celebrate the delightful little things in my life.

○ Making a kazillion pom-poms and tassels.

○ Practising mindfulness every day.

○ Going to a free comedy night and seeing the fantastic Tony Law.

○ Dancing to live music in a pub with a nameless man until late one Thursday night.

○ Rereading an old Ira Levin novel.

○ Celebrating my dear friend Kat‘s Birthday with loads of lovely people I’d never met before.

○ Organising my notebooks.

○ Binging on Benedict Cumberbatch films.

○ Making loads of new friends.

○ Drizzling Eat the Bits chilli oil on everything.

○ People thinking I’m Irish or Welsh because of my accent. I’ve been getting it a lot lately.

○ Rearranging my art and craft supplies.

○ Drinking Japanese Cherry Garden tea every evening.

○ Taking a hot bubble bath in candlelight.

○ Having amazing bento for lunch and a cuppa after with my dear friend Kat and her fiancé.

What delightful little things have happened in your life lately?