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April Goals

April Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Make more time for reading.

○ Enjoy every second of my holiday visiting Geenie in Northern Ireland.

○ Go for more walks along the seafront.

○ Sell or donate all the clothes I never wear.

○ Allow myself time to sit silently with my thoughts every day.

○ Rest better and listen to what my body needs.

○ Actively make writing a priority.

○ Practise acceptance of what I cannot control.

○ Develop a new skincare routine and stick to it.

○ Make sure that I have something to look forward to every day.



March goals

March Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Wear jewellery every day.

○ Do yoga. Meditate. Breathe deeply.

○ Buy a pair of tan clog sandals.

○ Research publications to pitch personal essays to.

○ Make more Japanese food, such as vegetable gyoza, yaki onigiri and tofu katsu.

○ Start writing in my Five Minute Journal.

○ Practise my affirmations every day.

○ Organise and tidy my laptop.

○ Dedicate one day a week to self care.

○ Buy a yukata dressing gown.


February goals

February Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Re-read David Bowie Is.

○ Start a Happiness Club with my colleagues.

○ Get dolled up and go out for dinner.

○ Use my self empowerment notebook every day.

○ Call my dad and my brother.

○ Spend less time inside my head.

○ Get out of the habit of wearing skinny jeans to work.

○ Find a new challenge.

○ Make sure that I have something to look forward to every day.

○ Throw a dinner party.


January goals

January Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Make more time for reading.

○ Practise self care every day.

○ Take lots of essential oil baths in candlelight.

○ Make healthy lunches to bring to work.

○ Go see The Hateful Eight at the pictures.

○ Maintain my daily gratitude habit.

○ Cut refined sugar out of my diet.

○ Get back into the habit of getting dolled up more often.

○ Make smoothies and detox water.

○ Register with a new surgery.

○ Keep making time for writing every day.

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December goals

December Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Make Swedish cinnamon buns with my flatmate.

○ Buy some cosy homeware.

○ Look into taking Japanese evening classes.

○ Buy a 2016 diary.

○ Stay calm and focused throughout the Christmas rush at work.

○ Keep going to bed early.

○ Treat myself to an expensive box of chocolate truffles.

○ Go to the pictures.

○ Buy some new jewellery, a couple of warm cardigans and a wrap poncho thing.

○ Write my 2016 goals down.

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November goals

November Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Make more time for reading.

○ Buy a crested euphorbia. It’s a poisonous Franken-plant!

○ Join the library.

○ Visit the Scandinavian Christmas Market in London with my colleague and her family.

○ Get dolled up more often.

○ Buy a new pair of black super skinny jeans.

○ Drink more water.

○ Ask my mum to send me my Happy Buddha statue, Indiska teacup, kaftan and oil burner.

○ Get excited about cooking again.


October goals

October Goals | Chiaki Creates○ Listen to more inspirational podcasts.

○ Get enough sleep.

○ Make some extra money and put it in my savings account.

○ Read an inspiring book.

○ Buy a new pair of Chelsea boots.

○ Write out my thoughts.

○ Find a place to settle in.

○ Eat more nuts and seeds.

○ Work on setting healthy boundaries.